Jeremy Lamb

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Jeremy Lamb

I just want to know what do you think about Jeremy Lamb?

As do you think the Suns have a chance of drafting him this offseason?

Just want to know as a Suns Fan.

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Lamb is a top 5 pick. The

Lamb is a top 5 pick. The suns aren't gonna finish in the bottom five. And if I were The suns I'd go with a SF or PF so there's not much of a chance.

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I believe that Lamb is a

I believe that Lamb is a better prospect than Beal and is right up there with Harrison Barnes competing for the top wing spot in the draft.

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I'm just Thankful,that with

I'm just Thankful,that with his Recent Slump..Fools on here are No Longer on Here Making 40 Posts a day Comparing him to Jordan...

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As a suns fan as well i think

As a suns fan as well i think the suns may have a chance. They really need a wing and i think ethier him beal or MKG will be available.

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Suns have a chance like Bulls

Suns have a chance like Bulls had a chance of getting Rose in '08. Anything is possible in the draft unless Sten has his hands in it. As a Suns fan I would love to get Lamb. We are in desperate need of a two-guard who can space the floor. The only position we are solid at in terms of the future is the center with Gortat.

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