Jerb2011 first mock draft

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Jerb2011 first mock draft

1. LA Clippers: PF 6-10 Blake Griffin (Oklahoma)

→Clippers build around Griffin and try to trade Kaman or Randolph

2. Minnesota (trade): PG 6-4 Ricky Rubio (Spain)

→The Timberwolves trade up with Memphis to select ballyhooed teenager

3. Thunder: SG 6-5 James Harden (Arizona State)

→Presti fields offers and considers Curry but winds up selecting Harden

4. Sacramento: PG 6-4 Jrue Holiday (UCLA)

→Kings are high on this draft’s version of Russell Westbrook

5. Boston (trade): SG 6-5 Tyreke Evans (Memphis)

→In a blockbuster deal, Celtics trade Ray Allen to get Tyreke Evans

6. Memphis: C 7-3 Hasheem Thabeet (Connecticut)

→Grizzlies make out like bandits and get Thabeet four slots later

7. Golden State: PG 6-3 Stephen Curry (Davidson)

→One of hottest names on the board, could go higher

8. New York: PF 6-10 Jordan Hill (Arizona)

→Knicks like Curry but probably won’t trade up to get him

9. Toronto: SG 6-6 DeMar DeRozan (USC)

→DeRozan needs time to mature but has lots of upside and fits Raptors well

10. Milwaukee: PG 6-0 Jonny Flynn (Syracuse)

→Speedy PG could go lot of places between No. 4 and 13

11. New Jersey: SG 6-6 Terrence Williams (Louisville)

→Reports indicate Nets might take Hansbrough much higher than projected

12. Charlotte: SG 6-5 Gerald Henderson (Duke)

→If Williams is still there, Bobcats take him; if not, it’s Henderson

13. Indiana: PG 6-2 Brandon Jennings (Italy)

→Pacers probably go for a PG; Jennings’ workouts have wowed scouts

14. Phoenix: SF 6-10 Earl Clark (Louisville)

→No telling what the Suns will do; Clark is NBA ready for team in transition

15. Thunder (trade): C 7-1 B.J. Mullens (Ohio State)

→Mullens flopped last season, but his potential intrigues Presti, who trades up

16. Chicago: PF 6-7 DeJuan Blair (Pittsburgh)

→Would be a slam dunk lottery pick if scouts weren’t concerned about his knees

17. Philadelphia: PG 6-3 Eric Maynor (VCU)

→The Sixers have their choice of PGs and choose Maynor over Lawson, Teague

18. Memphis (trade): PF 6-8 James Johnson (Wake Forest)

→A pick acquired in deal with Minnesota, the Grizzlies are the talk of the draft

19. Atlanta: Ty Lawson (N. Carolina)

→The Hawks need a PG and can choose between Lawson and Teague

20. Utah: PG 6-10 Tyler Hansbrough (N. Carolina)

→Unless the Nets take Hansbrough, he’s the perfect fit for Jerry Sloan’s Jazz

21. New Orleans: SF 6-11 Austin Daye (Gonzaga)

→Under the radar player is the best player still on the board: by far

22. Dallas: PG 6-1 PG 6-2 Jeff Teague (Wake Forest)

→Even if the Mavericks re-sign Jason Kidd, they need a PG for the future

23. Sacramento: SF 6-7 Sam Young (Pittsburgh)

→Tough, savvy player can help Kings’ rebuilding process

24. Portland: PG 6-2 Darren Collison (UCLA)

→The Trail Blazers can go several different directions but take a PG

25. Detroit (trade): SF 6-9 DeJuan Summers (Georgetown)

→Pistons add an underrated player capable of playing the 3 or the 4

26. Chicago: SG 6-5 Wayne Ellington (No. Carolina)

→Bulls need insurance policy since Ben Gordon probably leaves

27. Memphis: SF 6-9 Omri Casspi (Spain)

→Grizzlies take gritty 20-year-old who might play another year in Europe

28. Minnesota: SG 6-7 Chase Budinger (Arizona)

→The Timberwolves are stocked inside and add a sidekick for Rubio

29. LA Lakers: PG 6-5 Nick Calathes (Florida)

→Ex-Gator has deal to play in Greece, but is still in draft pool. Buyout possible?

30. Cleveland: PF 6-9 Derrick Brown (Xavier)

→Cavaliers try to beef up production off the bench

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Not bad at all. Check out my

Not bad at all. Check out my mock and give feedback.

how did u do that little arrow thing?

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Stop Exposing your drafts

I Know we all love ball but most people are competing for a Grand Prize. Both Mock Draft Looks Legit but people will still your Knowledge and school you in the second round. A lot of Mock are focus on the first round but it's the second round everybody got to focus on.

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why on earth do people think

why on earth do people think the celtics are trading to get evans? celtics are in a win now mode just like the wizards. trading ray allen wont help them win another championship. not even to mention he cant just be traded for a rookie. the salaries have to match up

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