I know alot of you on this forum listen to rap, and I was wondering if you listen to J.Cole.
He has like the illest flow ever and I've never heard a song of him I dont like. Anyone like this guy? I really think he's the future of hip hop. I was wondering what you guys think of him. He's been out for a while now btw.

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I like him but I question his

I like him but I question his ability to make a mainstream hit, I hope he doesnt get that Nas sydrome of tough flow but no mainstream hits

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Yeah I really hope he can

Yeah I really hope he can make his way into mainstream rap but he already has a nice fan base so its good.
Oh yeah, WizKid, they need you in the "Where do you" thread. Make sure to bring a nice .gif with you.

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IDK, Kanye's version of his

IDK, Kanye's version of his villematic is much better, imo. Devil in a new dress...Kanye is a genious, an arrogant one. but still...

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i saw him when he opened for

i saw him when he opened for wale pretty good but wale made him look bad

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I love J Cole i got like 4 of

I love J Cole i got like 4 of his mixtapes and theres not one song that I dont like but like someone said he may may not be big in the main stream because he is a real rapper he doesnt do all that fake hiphop thats out today the kids today dont like real music

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Big J.Cole fan too, he

Big J.Cole fan too, he reminds me a lot of Drake tho but two completely different artists only remind me of Drake in voice delivery...J.Cole needs to find a musical image before he starts selling...I like Wale too tho he's another serious underrated talent you gotta go to datpiff.com and download Wale's more about nothing mixtape...classic...and oh yeah since we;re talking about rap finally somebody from my way got signed and to T.I.'s Grand Hustle imprint so be on the lookout for Meek Mills

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J Cole is too ill. He doesnt

J Cole is too ill.
He doesnt have one bad song.

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