Jazz steal Big Al

To me it is ridiculous how Minnesota would give away Big Al for no present player. Jefferson is a guy who can put up 20 and 8-10 boards. The T'wolves are screwing themselves with this one. They did get Beasley, and Ridnour, but why give away your best player? I'm not sure why the Wolves would choose Kevin Love over Jefferson. Who was it a good deal for and why?

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The Wolves could have taken that money today and probably traded for Luol Deng or A. Iguodala. If Jefferson was still the player he was prior to blowing out his knee teams would have been lining up to trade for him. As it stands the Wolves cut their losses while Jefferson value could have only fell further. The Wolves have 2 p-forwards that they expect will perform at or above Jefferson. With Jefferson now gone the Wolves highest paid player is 5 mil per (Beasley) and he can be let go after this season for additional capspace if he doesn't work out. Minnesota has a 13 mil cap exception that they can use up until next years draft to acquire players and they also received 2 future 1st round picks.

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i cant even hate on this

i cant even hate on this trade because i been saying for the longest we is gonna trade al jefferson for a draft pick for the fact that we are starting fresh. so thank you david kahn. kevin love fits in the triangle offense. so yeah we gonna keep LOVE BUDDY!!!! also i think this was a smart move because alot of are core players are under the rookie contract. and the highest paid player on are team is michael beasly. so this give the timberwolves a chance too see who on the team is worth there money. DAVID KAHN U IS GANGSTA LOL. WITH RICKY RUBIO COMING OVER NEXT YEAR DONT BE SURPRISE TO SEE US TRADE JOHNNY FLYNN AND RAMON SESSIONS. cause we just signed luke ridnour (3 pt shooter,ball handler) he will become a great off the bench point guard.

future starting lineup:2012 - 2013

1. johnny flynn, b; luke ridnour
2. wes johnson b; corey brewer
3. michael beasly b; hayward (forgot his first name)
4. kevin love b; idk
5. darko milic b; nekio pelovic

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