jazz nets kings trade scenario

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jazz nets kings trade scenario

kings get a hometown boy in anderson who has potential and makes kings somewhat of a deeper team. kirilenko adresses the open sf position and his aggressive d and shot blocking should help progress the kings. get rid of k'9s and beno's contract.

nets don't really need vince since their getting lebron in a year, or another big name player. this trade frees up cap space for the 2010-11 where some big names will be free agents. cisco has alot of potential and is a great 6th man and a reliable starter though sometimes inconsistent. beno's not a starter but can be a great backup to harris. get rid of carters ugly contract.

kirilenko's been trying to get out of utah for years. they recieve a star in carter who will take some pressure off d-will. if the jazz re-sign some of their big men and have a good draft they can be championship contenders.

tell me what you think.

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