Jazz match Gordon Hayward offer sheet

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Jazz match Gordon Hayward offer sheet

Its a good move for the Jazz, even though they had to match that crazy offer. The Jazz have absolutely NOBODY to spend that cap space on so they might as well retain their best player. No big name free agent is going to Utah so they had to spend it on something. Thoughts?

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They either had to over pay

They either had to over pay him by a couple million a year or lose him for nothing. What else are they going to do with the 2-3 million a year? If they wouldn't have matched it they would have just overpaid someone else to come to Utah. Good move for them.

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The Hornets will prob go

The Hornets will prob go after Lance Stephenson now... I could see them giving him a $10-12 million per year offer.

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The Jazz

If i was the Jazz i wouldnt have matched this crazy contrant . theres no way i would be willing to pay Hayward and Favors the money they're gonna be getting when we'll just be fighting for lottery picks during their contract . I rather had worked out a sign and trade with the hornets for something like G. Henderson and a future first round pick.

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Utah could have saved themselves some money and just signed him to the extension last season. You would have thought that GMs would have figured out that the certain young guys are better off being resigned instead of playing with free agency, especially if you are willing to go as far as matching any offer for the same guy.

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