jay z and kevin durant

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jay z and kevin durant

well, to make a long story short, I am 1000% against Jay Z representing professional athletes especially Kevin Durant for many reasons. Overall, the general consensus is if you are against Jay Z representing Kevin Durant or any athelete you are automatically a RACIST which is just wrong.

Yes, he is worth a lot of money, but he shot his brother, stabbed a record producer and is a former CRACK DEALER and god knows what else this guy has done. Why is it wrong and racist to be against this guy representing pro athletes? For the record, I'm not racist in any way shape or form. I am totally against jay z representing any PRO.

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You're very much entitled and

You're very much entitled and every point you brought up is valid. The thing here is once you're in the elite entertainment business inner circle, it's pretty much hard to stop someone such as a Jay-Z from capitalizing on every opportunity he is getting.

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Wow. I've never heard that

Wow. I've never heard that view before. I have to say that I strongly disagree with your premise, but 1+ for the honesty. Personally, I think that people have a chance to do great things when given the opportunity. Jay-Z is testament to that and shouldn't be held back because of the world he was born into. Just my opinion.

I will say that I used to think it was lame that Jay-Z was trying to push his way into Pro Basketball. He doesn't really do anything because latch his name on products, whether it be clothing or the Nets. His involvement has always been incredibly superficial.

But then I actually got to meet Jay-Z briefly, and now appreciate how he became such a cultural icon. He's a charismatic guy who can work a room.
Why not come out with some new a basketball line? Give people a break from Nike and Adidas running everything. Basketball is a global game now- wouldn't be surprised with Jay-Z and Li-Ning doubled their footprint in a few years.

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I agree with everything you said but as long as he's not breaking any rules he's allowed to start any entrepreneurship he desires. My problem is I hope he doesn't turn into the new world wide wes and the whole lebron agency team and then start dictating what teams his players play on and build more of these mega-all star teams. Its going to create a huge gap in competition among teams.

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I'd sign with J. He has a

I'd sign with J. He has a aurora of respect around him that no other agent in any sport could even come close to. All that u said about him stabbing his record producer, shooting his bro just tells me not to &$#%#[email protected]! with him. Through an exec's mind...I bet Jay blows up the agent industry

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The only issue i have with

The only issue i have with the top comment on why JayZ is such a bad person to get players is that you are seem to be naive to the fact that other agents and guys in business have done similar or worst. I don't think most of the people on top businesses should be in the position across the board just addressing Jay Z, flaws and not attack people who have done similar but don't have the overall success he has had is very flawed.

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"is a former CRACK

"is a former CRACK DEALER"

Our president is a former "CRACK SMOKER"... and he represents the US

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