Jay Williams

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Jay Williams

Jay Williams just called this draft the worst draft since 1993, he also goes on to say no one in this draft (excluding Marcus Smart) wouldn't start a game in the NBA. He called Nerlens Noel "raw and overrated". I honestly don't agree with him at all, I honestly think everyone in the Top 7 of this draft could start and solidly contribute in the NBA. Does anyone agree or disagree with him?

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It's not as bad as he's

It's not as bad as he's making it out to be because obviously their are going to be plenty of guys who end up starting, but this is definitely a weak draft in my mind. Even the very top prospects in this class seem like at best they will be borderline all-stars for the most part.

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The way Jay Williams starts

The way Jay Williams starts his argument already makes it wrong. Him saying this is the worst draft since '93 implies that he thought that the 2000 draft was better. I think everyone can agree here that the 2000 draft is one of the worst of all time, if not the worst, and the 1993 draft was clearly better. I like Jay Williams, but clearly he is not very good at rating drafts.

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I agree 93 wasn't a great

I agree 93 wasn't a great draft class but no way was it as bad as 2000. Chris Webber is a hall of famer, Penny Hardaway was a beast pre-injury and Mashburn, Rider, Baker, Houston and Cassell all had decent careers.

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hes right

this draft class is going down as one of the all time worst. half the guys drafted in the 1st round will be in the d league, overseas or done with basketball. At first, I thought Shabazz was a potential star, similar to james harden, but the more I watch him, the more I see he is nothing like james harden at all. My problem with shabazz is he is so left hand dominant and when you shut down the left hand, he cant do anything. Hes not versatile at all from what I've seen. I think he'll have a career that is marginally better than shawn respert.

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I see it as similar to the

I see it as similar to the 2011 draft, where there is a decent amount of solid players who if drafted into the right system will be successful. I would go for need in this draft because I dont think that there is top end of players like drummond, lillard, davis. And there maybe be only 1 or 2 guys who start next year out of this draft, but there will be a good amount in rotations as role players.

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It takes time

I have heard similar thoughts about the 2011 draft, as time goes on we will know how good this draft is their is nothing certain about it yet. Saying a draft is bad before any of the players have played in the NBA is pointless.

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2006 was pretty weak.

2006 was pretty weak. Bargnani went first. Aldridge went 2nd and his development has been somewhat surprising. Brandon Roy was a great player but injuries slowed him down. Rudy Gay is playing better now than he ever has but still has yet to make the all star team. Many of the guys picked in the first round aren't even in the NBA anymore. Rondo was the steal of that draft late in the first round. I could see one of these guys people are looking past ending up a multiple time all star.

The year 2000 was one of the worst drafts ever! Kenyon Martin was first overall. Jamal McGloire and Michael Redd were the only other two all-stars. Stromile Swift, Darius Miles, Marcus Fizer, Mike Miller, Dermarr Johnson, Chris Mihm, Joel Przbylla, Keyon Dooling, Jerome Moiso, Etan Thomas, Courtney Alexander, Mateen Cleeves and Jason Collier were all lottery picks...that is as atrocious as it gets.

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Think you might be on to something...

Dermar Johnson= Career ending injury (broken neck), Keyon Dooling= Career altering injury (knee), Dairius Miles= career altering injury (stupidity), Jason Collier= Dead. Yeah, that was a rough one

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Only guys i could see

Only guys i could see starting are Plumlee, B Mac, MCW, Zeller, Ray Macallum and Oladipo. They seem NBA ready. coaches throw rookies in the fire anyway sometimes so its no big deal

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I will say that I don't see

I will say that I don't see that many all star type players coming out of this draft. I believe that there are going to be solid players in this draft but not all star players.

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My gut feeling is that

My gut feeling is that Shabazz Muhammad is going to be a star. I can't really describe why. There is just something about him that makes me watch him everytime the Bruins have the ball.

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Bazz Smart and Mclamore could

Bazz Smart and Mclamore could start, Noel is overrated

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I agree with him.... unless

I agree with him.... unless he ment "will never start an NBA game". The jump to the NBA is massive. It takes a special college player to dethrone an existing NBA starter at his position in his rookie year. I doubt if anyone in this draft has that day one ability to start.

Long term, there is definitly some talent and there will be solid contributers who start for their respective teams at some point.

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Lavoy Allen started as a 2nd

Lavoy Allen started as a 2nd round rookie pick in the playoffs for the Sixers last year. He wasn't a special college player. It just takes a coach who believes in you and some skills. Guys like Iman Shumpert and Landry Fields were starters for the Knicks despite never being dominant college players. I think it is crazy to think none of these players will start as rookies...this draft is weak when compared to most but they are still NBA talents.

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This draft seems weak becuz

This draft seems weak becuz there is no clear cut number 1...Or a consensus top 5,like there have been in the past..But i like the potential some of these guys have..

I think we've grown so accustomed to seeing freshmen superstars come in and dominant like Carmelo,Derrick Rose,Durant,Oden and Anthony Davis..That we forget that it took guys like Scottie Pippen,Steve Nash and Rodman 3 or 4 years before they were considered nba prospects......So if you watch these guys play and look down the road at what they might become in 2 or 3 years,and this draft isnt so bad......

Having a great Tournament will help alot of guys this year....

And Jay Williams is wrong,i think there are several guys that can start and average double figures as rookie....

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2013 Draft

I view this draft as weak at the top, but there is a lot of depth. Look at the projected last five picks in the first round. McDermott, Hadaway Jr., Withey, Nogueira, and Leslie. All of those five have the potential to start in the league, or at least be serviceable off the bench. Nogueira could even be a steal if he picks up his intensity.

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This draft could be decent

This draft could be decent and still not many could start their first year since a lot of guys are young and except for a few rebuilding teams, most teams are set. OKC had Harden come off the bench and that had nothing to do with talent but he came in young and did not fit with what they were trying to in the starting unit. Remember how it took Evan Turner a long time to start and even get minutes because of his early situation and he was the second pick.

OJ Mayo is another solid talent that had to come off the bench to better fit him with the team he was on.

I think the specialist in this draft could start early but a lot of them will need to develop if not drafted by a young team trying to grow slow.

Shabazz could start if he goes to a team that needs his slashing and scoring ability but not need him to be the man.

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I'm just surprised he calls

I'm just surprised he calls out the 94 class. Penny, cwebb, mashburn and nick the quick. That year was solid.

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2013 Draft

The 2013 NBA Draft class is definitely weaker than the class it is succeeding, but it is not that bad of a class. Whenever I look at some of the best players at each position, it doesn't seem like a class that could go down as one of the worst draft classes in the history of the NBA.

In my personal opinion, Cody Zeller is severely underrated. Sure, his stats don't really pop out as "superstar potential" whenever it comes to the NBA, but you have to remember, the stats he is averaging are surprisingly in what would be considered as "limited" minutes for a potential #1 overall draft selection.

Because of Indiana's success as a team this year and their ability to completely blow out some opponents, Zeller is only averaging 28.6 minutes per game, which seems like 5-6 minutes less than what a potential superstar SHOULD receive. However, even in the minutes, Zeller is still averaging almost 17 points to go along with 8 rebounds, with an assist, steal, and block per game. Zeller is also shooting 59% from the floor, and 75% from the free throw line - outstanding numbers for a big man by any standards.

Nerlens Noel to me is not overrated, but he is over-hyped. Nerlens Noel is an astonishing defensive player, some may even argue that he was a better defensive player in college than former Kentucky player and the #1 overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, Anthony Davis. So, if Davis is a defensive player and Noel seems to be a better defensive player, that should all but lock up the #1 overall selection, right? Wrong. Anthony Davis was not solely drafted #1 overall based on his defensive abilities - although it did play a HUGE factor in selecting him. Anthony Davis was also selected #1 overall because of his ability to be a leader in the locker room, as well as having potential to form a solid offensive game after playing in the NBA for a few years.

Noel to me is not a player who seems to have a very bright offensive future in the NBA. He can dunk, but that's about it. His offensive game is so raw, it would literally take about 5 years to develop a half-decent post game in the NBA, something Anthony Davis taught himself within his single year at the University of Kentucky. Noel doesn't really strike me as a leader of a team. ESPN sure likes to make it seem like the guy who takes command of that Kentucky team, but to me, I don't believe so.

Noel is still an extraordinary player who definitely has top 5 potential, but to me, the hype is the reason he was ever considered being a #1 overall draft pick in the 2013 NBA Draft.

These two are only two of many high-caliber college players I could talk about. Marcus Smart, Shabazz Muhammed, and Ben McLemore are also players with "superstar potential" in the NBA.

In the end, I think this draft class with survive based on potential itself. Even though their are a lot of unproven players within this draft class, it still has the potential to create many solid players within the league.

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so according to him the only

so according to him the only guy that can start is a player who shoots 40% from the field and 30% from 3..... makes no sense #JayWilliamsLogic

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Last year's draft benefitted

Last year's draft benefitted from a lot of guys not declaring in 2011 and so gave it greater depth. Plus with Wiggins, Jabari and co in the wings for next year, people are already making judgements on it. I will agree that this may be one of the weaker drafts in the last 5 years or so but until we see guys in the NBA, can we really judge it.

A good idea of how GM's view the draft is if teams near the top may look to be more open to trades in the draft than usual. Teams will always look to move up if there is a player they like but this may not be reflective on a draft's strength. Lets take a team like the Spurs who often make canny draft moves, some Coach Poppovich and Ric Burford think they can fit into the Spurs mould in say 15 to 20 range is far different from a team like say Phoenix who want to try and get a true young star to lead them forwards over the next few years.

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since when is Jay Williams

since when is Jay Williams opinion relevant? He is not a good evaluator of talent. Also people said the 2009 draft was weak and look what happened with that, Holiday, Griffin, Harden are All Stars and Curry, Rubio and Jennings all have the potential to be All Stars and are big factors on their teams, the Warriors and Bucks being playoff teams. Lets also not forget about other improving and upcoming players in Earl Clark, Demar Derozan, Eric Maynor, Gerald Henderson, Tyler Hansborough, Taj Gibson, Dejuan Blair and many more other solid role players. Basically, dont be so quick to write off a draft class until a few years later.

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I'm not sure I exactly agree

I'm not sure I exactly agree with what he's saying, but when really start breaking down this draft, it *could* be really bad.

Lets start with Ben McLemore. To me, Ben looks like a nice player. He is the best player on a top 10 team. He is averaging 16-5.4. Its not like he is blowing anyone away, and normally, for a wing player to be considered a top pick, he usually is. I don't know if McLemore has the chops to be a top flight scorer in the NBA, and if he isn't, what else is he really going to bring? I know he can guard, and I think we could play in the league for sure, but number one pick?

Marcus Smart is a guy no one really had on their radar not too long ago, and now he seems to be a sure fire top 3-5 pick. He doesn't play on an outstanding team, and he reminds me a little of Tyreke Evans, who is a good NBA player, but not a great one.

Cody Zeller is an upgrade from his brother, has a better post up game, and is probably a little more athletic. But does it seem like he should be a top 5 pick? Definitely not.

Nerlens Noel just tore his ACL, and has really no offensive game other than right around the rim, he is a pretty raw player, and although he is athletic and does some unique things, he seems like a total gamble at this point.

I like Anthony Bennett a lot. But his regression in conference play and the fact he's undersized makes it hard to argue him as a true top pick. I would pick him #1, just based on the fact I believe in his post game, I believe in his versatility, and I think he can be a boarderline all star player.

Shabazz is so left handed, and really one dimensionally. He's a scorer, he seems to be fairly selfish, and not much more.

There are a couple interesting lottery finds beyond this, but it looks like it could be a draft of toss ups.

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