Jay Williams

I dont know if anybody really remembers but jay williams was the 2nd overall pick in the 2002 draft. He was a pg out of Duke. His rookie season i think he averaged something like 12ppg and 6apg. But i think like a wk or 2 before of the 2003 draft he got into a near fatal motercycle accident. From this he was unable to play. Couple years later he tried to get onto an nba team. He went to training camp with the New Jersey Nets but was unable to make the team. If he never had gotten injured do you think he would have been good? Also if he was good wouldnt have that changed the 2003 nba draft and probably the future of the bulls?

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I just remember him not being

I just remember him not being able to hit a free throw. ever.

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In my opinion

Watch how good Kyrie Irving plays for the Cavs, because from what I remember Williams was just like how Kyrie Irving is as a player. I thinkWilliams' career would be similar to Irving's, barring Irving getting severely injured as well.

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Jay was a baller......

Jay was a for real, he would of been an all-star, it's a sad part.....Jay Williams was going to be a bigger Monster in the league if not for what happened, he had it on that court with a very high Basketball IQ, The bulls probably would've gotten kobe back then, too, because of having Jay Williams things would be very different now if he never had that accident... I was overjoyed when Bulls drafted him and then pretty upset when he got himself into that accident. High hopes for him. Someone should do a what if about him and the Bulls. Because his accident kind of impacted the front office planning from that point on.

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