Javale Mcgee

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Javale Mcgee

Is he the worst player in the nba?

I watched the Nuggets game and i waited all game for him to do something good.

Missed dunks, and layups, and free throws, goal tends, bad passes, pouting nonstop, thats the story of his life.

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I loved him trying to throw

I loved him trying to throw down on Pau. I want him to improve, but I don't think he is capable of ever being more than athletic. He has one of the lowest basketball IQ's in the NBA, and probably the lowest actual IQ of any player ever.

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He always has the tendency to

He always has the tendency to make some nice highlight reel plays, but he has a higher tendency to do something stupid.

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he's bad but hes not the

he's bad but hes not the worst... have you ever seen juwan howard play? its f'ucking sad

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Why did they trade Nene for

Why did they trade Nene for him?? Did they want to get rid of Nene's contract? Are they building for the future? Did Nene have attitude problems that Javale won't have? I'm confused

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No, he's super-athletic, and pretty talented.

It's just that he's a knucklehead.

Some examples:






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As a Wizards fan, he's

As a Wizards fan, he's ndefinitely not the worst player in the NBA, but he's not a good player. Every once in a while, for even a few games in a row he would have some dominant performance that would make you think he's improving, but then, he would lay duds and would even finish the game on the bench a lot of times. Same story in Denver, started out decent, but was then benched by George Karl. Has had a few good games, but he isn't consistent at all and has laid his fair share of duds.

On offense, he's a blackhole that thinks he's way more skilled than he is and his touch isn't very good around the basket. McGee was a nice alley-oop target, good offensive rebounder, and would occasionally make a nice offensive move (sweeping hook, dropstep), but he was too inconsistent and would constantly force it. On defense, he was a good shot-blocker, but constantly missed rotations. And don't forget that he's a dumbass. I also hate his facial expressions and mannerisms on the court.

Kevin Seraphin is much more consistent and has probably shown more skill this year than McGee has shown in his 4-year career. Stronger and doesn't get overpowered, much better shooting touch, and more sound on defense.

I hope he eventually gets it, but as time goes by, and liking the Wizards trade more an more.

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woahh i like mcgeee america home videos haha

truthfully i hate kwame brown!!!! i swear i will pick up mcgee before him.

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Nene was well regarded by the

Nene was well regarded by the Nuggets and since he went to Washington has brought a new dimension to the team. Denver were probably prepared to shift Nene's contract given his injury record, age etc and were prepared to take on McGee who at worse they can allow to walk this summer. Also Faried's development probably meant that Denver felt they could move Nene.

Nene gave Washington an oncourt senior pro and Wall a legit proven running mate, Seraphin developed nicely as the season went on and suddenly Washington went on a 6 game winning streak to end the season. With Wall, Vesley, Singleton and Seraphin they have a nice young core, throw in a top 5 pick this year and Nene's experience and the team looks to be moving forward.

As regards McGee, I'm sure that Coach Karl will have been having a long hard look at him since he acquired him and it will be interesting to see what Denver do. They may like to keep him but I don't see them paying him silly money but some team will surely make him an over generous offer.

You would think that it should be drilled into McGee, you rebound, block, pass to the nearest team mate, shoot if you receive the ball in the paint, defence etc and you do nothing else. But if Coach Karl cannot improve his game then who really could I wonder?

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I think that the wizards did

I think that the wizards did great by adding Nene. Good rebounder, nice d and he can score in the post and hit the midrange. Imagine when Wall comes back next year with a better jumper with the pick and pop/roll with Nene. If you go under, Wall knocks it down, over and he takes you to the rim. If the big flashes to far, hit Nene.

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Javale McGee is a work in

Javale McGee is a work in progress. He's not the worst. He may be a little bit "thoughtless" but he's athletic and full of energy. I don't care if he scores I just need him to play defense and foul some ppl

The Nuggets traded Nene b/c of his contract, injuries, and lack of production

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I think Deron summed it up when he said John Wall wasn't playing with the smartest bunch of guys down there

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Javale defiitely wins the

Javale defiitely wins the "player I'd least want to start a franchise with."

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LOL..No Way is McGee the

LOL..No Way is McGee the worst..Actually he's pretty talented..His mom just blow his mind and cofused him when she said he's the best player in the nba..And that causes poor JaVale to attempt video-like stuff on the court..

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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The video of McGee running

The video of McGee running back on defense when his team has the ball is undoubtedly the funniest / most bonehead play I've seen in quite some time. Hilarious!

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How would people compare

How would people compare McGee at the moment to say Chris Kaman back in about 2007, Kaman was always regarded as having a low basketball IQ but got a nice extension.

As regards McGee, I do wonder if a genuine contender would ever really look at him even if he took a below market value deal, they would probably prefer a veteran big man who would just do the things required. McGee has great physical size and athleticism but imagine game 7 in a play off series and he does something stupid.

I still figure that Denver play a waiting game and see what offers McGee might get for if they want to keep him they must have a figure in mind and I doubt they exceed it.

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Actually that would make a

Actually that would make a pretty good debate because Kwame versus McGee is decent argument that could go both ways. McGee is high risk high reward and Kwame is most consistent but does not do much. It would really depend of what your team needed because Kwame is not a shot block but more a physical defender with enough speed to guard smaller player for spot minutes on help or a couple of switches. Kwame has a higher basketball IQ but that is not saying much. McGee has games tha makes this seem one sided in his favor and then he has games that makes it one sided in Kwame favor.

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