Jan Vesely

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Jan Vesely

I really liked him when he got drafted, very intruiging European Prospect. He wasnt the typical big, soft perimeter shooter... he's actually the complete opposite. Athletic with not much of a jump shot. He has some work to do and seems like he is a hard worker, I feel like the Wizards just arent using him right in their rotation. If they want him to pan out (which i think he could be a good player) they need to get him on the floor a little bit more. I guess we'll see!

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the Wizards have bigger

the Wizards have bigger problems than the development of Vesely right now

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Vasely is a player that

Vasely is a player that thrives in an up tempo pace, where a PG or players can set him up for shots, because he struggles to create his own shot. I will wait and see how he plays once John Wall comes back. I did however expect him to make an impact on defense due to his length and athleticism, but hasn't done so, which is why he was getting the Andrei Kirielinko comparison.

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