James Young

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James Young

James Young is my favourite player in this years high school class, I dont know what it is about him, but I just love his game. Being stuck behind the twins do you think that he needs to stay 2 or 3 years to get a proper look in the draft, or do you think his game will translate well enough to be a first round pick coming off the bench for Kentucky in his freshman year? As a mavs fan im really hoping we dont pick up a star in this offseason so we can acquire some lottery picks, and build for the future.

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I'm hoping coach Cal will

I'm hoping coach Cal will start him at the 3. Only if he can defend his position. I mean having the twins and Young at the same time is pretty deadly to me

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Well according to the Mock

Well according to the Mock Draft, the twins won't affect James Young as he's slotted to go higher than all of UK's incoming freshmen next year.

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Based on pure talent Young

Based on pure talent Young should start ahead of Aaron Harrison, but I presume Aaron will start to keep Andrew happy, be interesting if Goodwin or Pothyress return though and they get Wiggins, then playing time will be difficult

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