James McAdoo

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James McAdoo

As of recent James McAdoo is seemingly moving back to 2012 Postseason-2013 early season form where he was showing he could compete greatly in the NBA. Does anyone see his stock moving up or is he still in that Late Lottery to Mid round category? Imho, with his athleticism it seems like he could be a strong defender in the post, and also if he improves his post game, he could be a least a poor man's Paul Millsap.

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As a UNC and T-Wolves fan

The single best comparison I can make to him is a poor man's Derrick Williams. It's kind of freaky how similar their games are. Of course, McAdoo isn't the athlete Williams is, and that will cause him even more problems at the NBA level than Williams is facing right now.

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In my honest opinion.... McAdoo has been playing better of lately.... HOWEVER, I wouldnt take him lottery. I thik he should come back next season and work on his ball handling and jump shot over the summer. He hasnt made any stride since last season if you ask me. The only difference is he gets more minutes, which gives him more shots. He is definitely not a small forward. Paul Milsap is a skilled player, very skilled. McAdoo is a talented player, but the skillset is not there, YET. he relies completely on size and athleticism now. His post game is below average at the moment. He kind of just throws the ball at the rim and hopes that he makes it or gets fouled. Although I do admire his athleticism and motor, the skillset just doesnt attract me yet.

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It's a toughness issue thing

It's a toughness issue thing with him. His low post moves aren't that bad. (he took Alex Len to school down low) it's just that he goes up soft most of the time. He needs to go up strong and try to dunk everything and he'd get to the line more and take advantage of his frame.

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i think he needs to get

i think he needs to get stronger and tougher i see him more as a shawn marion type of he needs to get that motor going more and work on all around skills

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His draft stock seems to have

His draft stock seems to have solidified at late lottery level, there is a line of thought that another year under HOF Coach Williams would be beneficial to hi, then you look at next year's draft and think would he have any chance of going any higher given the potential depth. The key thing for him I feel is to forget about draft stock and make the decision to declare based purely when he is considered to be in the best position to have an NBA career.

It is better to go say 20th in a strong draft and have a good chance of carving out an NBA career than go say 8th in a weak draft and be out of the league in a few years.

Maybe we have to stop thinking of him as a possible superstar and look at him as a good complimentary player.

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