James Johnson Vs. Earl Clark

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James Johnson Vs. Earl Clark

Personally, I think Johnson is a little bit better,
because he is overall a better shooter and he is stronger.

Clark might be a bit more polished but he lacks consistency, especially at the beginning of the season in which he shot around 44%.

Athleticism are about the same for both of them, but Clark somehow reminds me of Marvin Williams, and gives me a sense of possibly being a disappointment in the league.

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Clark has superior

Clark has superior athleticism, length and I think playmaking ability but Johnson seems smoother and has a better pull up off the dribble. Clark > Johnson ,but not by a wide margin.

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Earl Clark

I like Clark more by default than anything. It sort bothers me that Johnson is a 22 year old Sophomore, i think his potential is limited

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Clark has superior athleticism???????//

i dont know about all tha..have you seen johnson play..he really gets off the floor he had 2 monster put back dunks aginst maryland that was very nice

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Johnson is good but maybe

Johnson is good but maybe Clark upside is too appealling.

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