James Harden-Marcus Smart

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James Harden-Marcus Smart

If Marcus Smart is really 6'5'' he brings to my mind James Harden with a slightly worse jumshot..both natural playmakers but not true point guards,strong players who like powerful drives finishing with contact and both very good in the pick'n'roll ..If Smart improves his jumpshot can he become a Top-10 or even Top-5 draft pick?

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I'm pretty sure Smart is like

I'm pretty sure Smart is like 6'3 in shoes. He's not as good of a ball-handler as Harden was, and he's not anywhere near the shooter Harden was. I hate to shoot down your comparison but I don't really see it. With that said, he might be a top 10 pick even if he doesn't improve his jump shot, he just has that 'it' factor to me.

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i was just going to make a

i was just going to make a topic too bad im

this Smart kid looks like a stud so far like a college Lebron PG version lol both physically and versatility wise..

he looks easily the best rebounding and even overall defensive PG..

his assists shocks me too, his size is good but if he can improve his handle and become full time PG his 6'4 225 sounds freakishly, and he is only 18

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