James Ennis Potential?

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James Ennis Potential?

Chilbert arenas
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Even livng in LA I haven't

Even livng in LA I haven't watched him play much, does anyone know how effective he is off the dribble in the half court? All these highlights are fast break dunks and spot up 3s so it's hard to get a read on him.

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I'm a

Long Beach guy, and I've seen him a few times. I've said this before, so I'll keep it short. He has very little ability off the bounce especially in the half court. He really needs a PG who can hot him in transition or for a spot up. Long, athletic, good shooter, decent defender...could do worse in this 2nd round, but don't think he'll stick. Reminds me of James Gist (Maryland) or Bryant Markison (Utah) in years past.

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I'm sure he potentially could

I'm sure he potentially could be really good, it certainly seems like he has great physical tools which is the main drive of a players "potential"... It also doesn't seem like anyone knows very much about him.. Hardly anyone was even aware of Long Beach State before the tourney.. I'm with Chilbert_arenas, does anyone know how well he operates in the half court?

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