Jamal Crawford....

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Jamal Crawford....

Really seems to have found a GREAT fit with the Clippers

Currently has 15pts in 15mins in the first half against the Warriors.

Dude is a great scorer

21pts in 30mins against LAL last night.

29pts in 30 mins against the Grizzlies a couple days ago

Currently averaging 25 PPG in 30.5 MPG and shooting 57% from the field and 45% from 3

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Really happy for him that he

Really happy for him that he found a good fit, I knew he could definatly help a team in the playoffs, but I didn't know that he'd score at this rate. I know it's early, bu the way he's scoring, he's gonna command a lot more minutes.

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Him and Kobe are just

Him and Kobe are just shooting the lights out theses first few games.

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it seems like del negro is

it seems like del negro is really letting him work freely on offense which is just great to see because he is getting the space to work and beat seems like he cant miss a shot either

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If he keeps this up, could he

If he keeps this up, could he make the All-Star team as a 6th man? Playing with Paul and Bledsoe helps him a lot because now he can just be a secondary ballhandler and his moderate defense wont be a liability. Its all about fit and he looks good with the Clips players. I always felt he was a bit underrated because he really can do a lot of things on offense but he is not best when placed in a primary role.

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He's looking like

He's looking like an inspired addition for a Clippers team who seems to be making all the right moves. This kind of production from a player who is being paid around $5mil a year puts a lot of the players who are paid more to shame. He's in a great situation because he's with two studs in Paul and Griffin, Crawford is also on a winning team that needs him to be a scorer in order for them to pick up wins, the Clippers are giving him the freedom that utilises his strengths. Crawford is simply taking advantage of this opportunity, i'd a say an allstar is a stretch but if he keeps up this kind of production, it'll be difficult not to include him in the West's roster.

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Big upgrade over Nick Young

Big upgrade over Nick Young

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Maybe he should of practiced every offseason...

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