Jamaal Franklin TOP PLAY

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Jamaal Franklin TOP PLAY

Not only did he score 20 points, grab 18 boards, dish out 5 assists, & block 3 shots........but he had this dunk.

He is averaging 17pts 10 boards (as a 6'5" 2 guard) 4 assists this year.....not enough love?

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I bet his coach was like" NO

I bet his coach was like" NO Jam... Good play Jamal!" That dunk was Nast but why does he have that thick long sleeve on? I know he gotta be hot, I had a heat stroke just looking at him.

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He's sick at those. Makes it

He's sick at those. Makes it look like no1s playing D

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Oh wow what was he

Oh wow what was he thinkimg?

I like this kid plays wit a.motor and recklessness like Will Barton did at Memphis.

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Love Franklin: and his effort.Constantly attacking. Finishes around the rim with an incredible dunk, with contact, and difficult shots. A scorer. Great rebounder. I think he is an underrated passer as well. Gets in passing lanes and good shot blocker for his size, even when guarding bigger players.

Hate Frankin: and his defense. Often gets beat by his man off the blow by while he is stuck in quick sand. He is good on the break and an excellent finisher but his running style is akward (like his J) short choppy steps when longer strides would conserve energy and make him faster. If it wasn't for his utter disregard on the defensive perimeter I would take Franklin extremely high in this draft. But his unwillingness to defend and move his feet makes me not even want to draft him.

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