Jakarr Sampson

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Jakarr Sampson

Why isn't this guy getting any love in the mock drafts? I'll admit I haven't seen much of him but on the surface he looks like a Mos Harkless clone. 6-8 SF with great length and athleticism, but a little raw on the perimeter. Even their stat lines are nearly identical. So what's keeping Jakarr from being a potential 1st round pick this year, especially considering how weak this draft is?

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I said he's the next CJ Leslie before the season started. Now he is putting identical stats to CJ's freshman year

Cj Leslie: 13p 7.5r 1.5a 1b 1s
Jakkar: .... 15p 7r 1.3a 2b 1s
I like him a lot but he's not a one and done prospect.

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