Jahii Carson

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Jahii Carson

Just finished up reading an NCAA blog from ESPN about Freshman Rankings, the first two names are names that I've seen thrown around here often (1) Anthony Bennett, (2) Marcus Smart. Third he had Jahii Carson from Arizona State who is currently averaging 17.5 ppg and 5.3 apg.

I haven't seen Carson play and i was just wondering if any of the posters here know anything about him?


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He was in class of 2011 but

He was in class of 2011 but was ruled ineligible so right now is his first year playing. He is a 5'10 or 5'11 speedster with a 41 inch veritcal.He can get into the lane on anyone and is capable of throwing it down on a big man. His NBA stock will probably be based on how his jumpshot progresses as well as how his defense progresses.

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hes the real deal. Quickness

hes the real deal. Quickness and was really impressed with hiw wow type passing ability threading the needle.

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