Jahii Carson

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Jahii Carson

I'm not sure why people aren't talking about this guy. He has been absolutely spectacular thusfar this season. He just scored 30 points and had 7 assists against Creighton, the number 14 team in the nation. He isn't on a very good team but I really think this guy is an NBA prospect. Yes he is very undersized at 5'10 but he is not just an elite athlete; he is freakish. In some of his high school highlight videos, his head is just about rim level, nuff said. He has terrific quickness, ball handling ability and solid strength despite his height. I really like this kid as a ball player and I hope he doesn't fly under the radar in the eyes of scouts for much longer.

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was very impressed by him

was very impressed by him tonight. Hes averaging over 20 points and 5 assists and leading a sorry squad to 4-1 so far. He had some highlight reel passes tonight where he was zipping it past the defenders head. Great qickness and he can get 30 points while still playing like a true pg and leading the team and making the smart play. He will be in the mix for pac 12 player of the year this season if his team doesnt suck too bad.

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I think he is at 15 ppg but

I think he is at 15-20 ppg but regardless he has been good with the exception of the Cornell game but even in that game he did a good job of distribution. He hasn't played much competition and it will be a while before he finds some but how their schedule is set up he has time to get more comfortable and improve before he has some bigger games, he could really come on the nba radar as the season goes on if his level of play continues.

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He hasn't played much comp,

He hasn't played much comp, but his speed and quickness is def up there with anyone in the country, his only knock will be his height(5-10) nobody can stay in front of him and he can pass pretty good.

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He's a competitor as well,

He's a competitor as well, I'm a big fan.

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