Jabari Parker 'serious' about BYU

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Jabari Parker 'serious' about BYU

When we first saw the headline mentioning that Jabari Parker, one of the stars of the class of 2013, was seriously considering BYU we brushed it off as just more ridiculous Internet speculation until we remembered that Parker is a member of the LDS Church.

While BYU has had its share of star players they very rarely land a major recruit (Danny Ainge is the only even close to Parker’s level that I can think of). The hype on Parker is already getting to ridiculous levels (Mike Krzyzewski has compared him to Kobe Bryant and Grant Hill and Seth Davis has already written a feature story on him for Sports Illustrated), but don’t think that just because Parker is a member of the LDS Church he will be a guaranteed commit to BYU. Our older members will remember that when 1997 Sporting News National Player of the Year Chris Burgess turned down BYU then head coach Roger Reid told him that he was letting “the other 9 million members of the LDS Church down” (before he let millions of Duke fans down with his play during his two years there).

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I don't know much about

I don't know much about Parker besides there being a thread about him everyday this summer, but it would showcase his offensive skills for sure. Dave Rose favors playing up-tempo and likes to get out and shoot, even before Jimmer played there. It wouldn't be a bad fit for him if he's really as good as he's hyped up to be.

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Jnixon Parker is a lot of fun

Jnixon Parker is a lot of fun to watch. And i think the increased hype is because of how much he's improved the last six months.

If you haven't seen him I think you'd appreciate how diverse his game is.

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Long time rumor

Yes, Parker is Mormon and I guess he is considering them. Still, I do not know if they are one of his top few schools. His dad, Sonny, went to UW and apparently Jabari is very interested in them as well. Also, here is a pretty recent video where he says he is considering, "Kansas, Washington, Duke, Illinois and Michigan State."

Obviously very early in the process, but I really feel that BYU has little to no chance of landing him. If he wants to be the best basketball player he can be, I believe he should look long and hard at the 5 schools he listed over BYU.

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This guy is such a nice kid.

This guy is such a nice kid. He seems like he wouldn't hurt a fly.

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I don't care if he plays for

I don't care if he plays for BYU but I hope the kid ends up on the Jazz somehow!!!

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