It's My Birthday: Jason Kapono

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It's My Birthday: Jason Kapono

A happy 32nd birthday to Jason Kapono. Considered one of the best outside shooters of all time, the 6'8" small forward Kapono ranks 6th all-time in career 3PT%. After 4 years at UCLA, in which he averaged between 16 and 18 PPG all 4 years, Kapono played 9 seasons in the NBA for the Cavs, Bobcats, Heat, Raptors, 76ers, and Lakers, for whom he played 27 games last season. Kapono averaged 43% from three-point distance for his career, which is only .8 percent lower than his career FG%. In 2006, Kapono won a championship with the Heat. He played 2 minutes in the playoffs. He actually raised his PPG from 6.7 in the regular season to 9.8 in the 10 postseason games he played with the Heat and the Raptors, and he shot 52% from 3 in the playoffs.

Most notably, Kapono led the league in 3PT% in 06-07 and 07-08. His 51% in 06-07 is the 6th best single season percentage ever. This year, he is playing in the Greek league, where he is averaging 8 points a game. If you are confused, let me explain that Kapono is an AMERICAN citizen who went overseas to play in the Greek League, rather than a GREEK citizen who went overseas to play in the NBA, which we all know to be an impossibility due to the rampant plague of racism in the NBA. Kapono also won 2 three-point contest, tying the record with 24 in 07, then breaking it with a ridiculous 25 in 08.

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Yeh i hate how racist the NBA

Yeh i hate how racist the NBA is to Greek players :)

The greek league..... I always wondered what happened to Acie Law

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here's a vid off kapono

here's a vid off kapono practicing for the three point shootout where he scores 29 only missing one shot.

i always rooted for him being a ucla guy, but i wasnt too big a fan. I thought he got too much credit at ucla at times. I remeber him being on fire one time vs washington state where he drilled like 11 of 12 threes.

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Kapono was known purely as a

Kapono was known purely as a shooter but had a bit more of a well rounded game than he will get credit for. He wasn't like a Steve Novak who only shoots 3's. Of Novaks 1306 NBA FG attempts 994 are 3's...he has shot only 88 free throws in over 4200 NBA minutes.

By contrast Kapono took 3026 shots in the NBA...1054 were 3's. He went to the FT line 322 times in just over 9000 NBA minutes.

What I am saying is I would much rather have a guy like Kapono than a player like Novak even though they are thought to pretty much be identical players.

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