Issac Hamilton

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Issac Hamilton

Top 25 player. Jordan Hamilton's lil brother. He picked UTEP over UCLA, UNLV and SDSU.. Why did he choose UTEP. from what i seen this kid is really good at 6'5. He can score

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He probably wanted to be the

He probably wanted to be the man. which he wouldnt be at the other schools. Atleast not right away.

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Long connection with Tim Floyd

Tim Floyd has known the Hamilton family for a long time and I believe Jordan was actually a USC commit for a while until Floyd was fired. For those who do not know Floyd, he had two pretty bad NBA head coaching gigs with the Bulls and Hornets, followed by a stint at USC where he was in the middle of the OJ Mayo fiasco, costing him his job. He was an assistant for Don Haskins (of "Glory Road" fame who coached at Texas Western/UTEP from 1961-99) from 1977-86, than became head coach in 2010.

With Conference-USA losing Memphis, Central Florida, Houston and SMU, this move could have UTEP in the running for one of the top teams in conference. It appears that Isaac will have a lot of freedom and the Floyd may let him run the point. Also is rumored that his younger brother, Daniel, who he is incredibly close with and is a top player in the 2014 HS Class, might join him as well. They already have a couple brothers in Julian and Chris Washburn (son's of former 3rd pick in the 1986 Draft Chris Washburn, who was a famous cautionary tale) who are making some noise. Should also have some other decent returnees.

Seems like Floyd was really close with the Hamilton family and that probably was a major factor. It is hard to completely trust Floyd (at least for me), due to his past history, but he coached Isaac's uncle, was close with his brother and he even mentioned that he was close with his grandmother who had passed away. Yes, this is not a traditional basketball power, but it produced a couple recent NBA players in Derrick Caracter and Julyan Stone. Not to mention Tim Hardaway (whose crossover was famously referred to as "The UTEP two step") and Antonio Davis, with Tiny Archibald probably being the crown jewel. If UTEP proves to be too small time, Isaac can always up transfer as well. Guessing that he should flourish at a smaller school and make UTEP a new C-USA power.

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I wouldn't hold Floyd's stint

I wouldn't hold Floyd's stint in the NBA against him. The Bulls situation was a tough one to be in as he was in no position to win. I don't think he was given a fair shake with the Hornets either. His team reached the playoffs despite losing Mashburn to injury mid-season. I actually think he's a good coach and he has the connections and recruiting ability to build a program like UTEP. Getting Hamilton was a great start and it could be a 2 year package deal with his brother joining in 2014.

As for Hamilton, I don't think he's quite the scorer that his brother Jordan was at the same stage but he has a better all-around game. He has a better handle and is the better passer compared to his older brother. I think he has legit combo guard potential.

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They're not a dogshit program. They've won a national championship, and they had Don Haskins as a head coach for 38 seasons.

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I believe san francisco has

I believe san francisco has also won a couple national championships lol so throw that aspect out the window. i wouldnt be suprised if this kid slips thru the cracks. bad decision IMO. He couldve went elsewhere and been the best player. For instance say if he went to Oklahoma state hypothetically, he would have either A.) been the best player on his team or B.) been on a national championship contender(if lebryan nash & marcus smart stay). To go somewhere like UTEP and stay on the radar as an elite prospect, you have to live up to every single ounce of hype you are given. He will have to absolutely KILL it to stay an elite prospect at the next level and i swear to God thats the truth. Too many great players in college these days.

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