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thought Durant was weak too lol.

Mr19134 love the image. Reminds me of how Anthony Davis was strong enough to bang but Perry Jones wasnt. The weight thing has lost so much substance over the years as the game has changed. All that means to me is that he is not going to be a paint bully but that doesnt mean he cant score in the paint or off the dribble as i imagine guys will have to respe t that jumpshot. Jheeez imagine if he had 20/20 vision hed be lights out

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its not a weight issue its a

its not a weight issue its a strength and he will get stronger.he reminds me more of a jonathon bender.great talent and skills.when it gets closer to the draft and they see him workout he will be high lotto pick.draft is about potential which is why noels is ranked so high.same type of build but one guy is all offensive and the other defensive.the sky is the limit for how good austin can be ts all about his work ethic and thats why guys make it or get out the league.another year of school would help but with with 2014s draft looking to be loading.his stock will drop next year if he's not putting up even better stats.

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Why would anyone waste a

Why would anyone waste a lottery pick on a weak post player who isn't very athletic, doesn't bang down low or block shots defensively? I don't know what you guys are seeing when you call him mobile, he won't be taking anyone off the dribble in the NBA. The difference between him and Noel is Noel is a freak athlete who blocks nearly 4 times as many shots per game then Austin and just looks like a much stronger player. Noel has a calling card as a possible elite defender, Austin has one as a pick and pop big man, which would you rather have?

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A couple weeks ago Chad Ford

A couple weeks ago Chad Ford posted an Insider article on prospect updates, and the one thing that stood out is he was saying he didn't understand why some teams had Austin in the top 5 on the big board because Ford didn't see it. I was always high on Austin and thought it was interesting that some teams really did have Austin in the top 5 on their big board, and since then he's only increased his production and gotten better.

I don't have Insider anymore so I can't look up the article but I'm sure somebody will remenber. Also putting aside potential, age, physical tools, and all of that, Austin is becoming one of the most productive 7 footers in the nation and I couldn't be happier because I've always been a fan of his game I just wish Quincy Miller was still there. I believe Miller would be dominating this year and would of been easily a mid lotto pick himself.

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Here is the thing about

Here is the thing about Austin. He's a productive stretch 4 who is fairly mobile and will probably end up at around 235 lbs, but I really think he's a specialist at the next level. He's not much of a defender and loves to shoot jumpers, especially from 3. That will give him a long career in the NBA, if you're 7'1'' and can run the pick and pop and spread the floor, you will see time.

I don't dislike the Channing Frye comparisons because Austin doesn't like to hang out in the paint. He just doesn't, he gets a fair share of rebounds, but it's because he's often guarded by 6'8'' guys he is pretty good at collapsing the offensive glass. It's clear in watching him and in looking at his stats, that he's not really active in the paint. Austin has attempted as many 3 pointers as he has free throws, this season.He's not that athletic, though, and guys who think he is, just haven't seen him play. His lateral speed is average, his open court speed is good for a 7 footer, and his standing vert is probably under 30''.

What he does well is use his height, I will give him that, whether its getting off a jump shot or just getting around a shorter player to get the rebound and he's pretty creative, but that being said, I can find just as many weaknesses as I can strengths when looking at Austin. He's been on my radar since 2009, and he really hasn't expanded his game a whole lot. He was a 7'1'' kid who was super skinny, could produce and hit a long jumper. Everyone looks at a guy like Austin and "imagines" what he could be, but he's a very similar version of himself as he was as a Soph in high school.

No, I don't think he'll bust, he is a specialist and I think he'll find minutes in the league, but I don't think he's a sleeping superstar either. He doesn't excite me as an early lotto guy, but a guy you take in 13-20 knowing he still has some room to grow, but also knowing he may end up being a pick and pop/ stretch 4 specialist.

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He has gained weight in

He has gained weight in recent years and the current 220lbs listed gives him something to work on as he was only 200lbs a couple of years back. I believe that Mount Mutombo was only 228lbs when he entered the NBA and he was nearly 25 then, Austin will never reach that level and has a different skillset anyway.

The issue of his sight in one eye does raise a concern for me, it may not affect his shooting but if he was in possession, surely he would be liable to be blindsided by a quick opposition player?

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