iowa st.

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iowa st.

Is anyone else pissed off for iowa state for how they got screwed at the end by the refs? ... and I'm a jayhawker fan. That's just not right

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good gawd...the whole game

good gawd...the whole game was riddled with horrendous calls. the charge called on withey was a joke, the phantom foul on withey for his 4th was a joke, the no-call travel against ISU then they call releford for a foul was a joke, kevin young's 5th foul was a joke....need i go on? yes, the final no-call then the call on niang was bad, i cannot deny. but, watch the game as a whole, an entire body of work by the officials, and how can you deny from start to finish, both ways it stunk? if the proper calls had been made most of the game i doubt ISU was in a position to win in regulation anyhow. i cannot stand when officials blow calls and this is no exception, but this is not a case in which that one call costed a team the game. besides, ISU was up 5 with 44 seconds left and blew it anyhow. they did not defend well, and lucious missed a free throw. ISU was on the wrong end of a call late, but ISU was not screwed by the refs as a whole. they did their share of choking. rant over...

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