im here alot but i dont post in threads as some, so id like to introduce myself

my name is Montrell im a 23 year old account major working for fedex hoping to get into the accounting field with the company

i live in byhalia, ms 30 minutes from the grizzlies stadium, the fedex forum...
im a LONG TIME duke fan, coach k is the best coach i've ever witness

JJ Reddick will forever be my favorite college ball player
Vince Carter is STILL my favorite NBA player

my favorite teams are the memphis grizzlies and the san antonio spurs....

care to introduce yourself?

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a duke fan and your favorite

a duke fan and your favorite nba player is from..... UNC?
that's cool haha

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i hated vince and jamison

i hated vince and jamison while they were in college no lie, but when he played in the nba i noticed our games were similar, i was a dunker, although only 5'10 i modeled my game after his, but i tried to rebound more, cuz i couldnt dribble as good

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I am writing a TV show that is based on the hilarious exploits of the Memphis Grizzlies. I think you would enjoy it.

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