Intriguing question about New Orleans

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Intriguing question about New Orleans

It seems as though the Washington Wizards have their sights set on Anthony Bennett, and he will be their future at the power forward position. Now, my question is, if Otto Porter slips past Charlotte (Likely) and Phoenix (Ehh), should the Pelicans draft Porter over a guy like Trey Burke if Porter is still on the board?

We need to take into account that Vasquez has done a marvelous job, and that their starter, Al Farouq-Aminu (RFA) has been rather mediocre, and they could easily let him walk in free agency to keep some cap space. Do you think the Pelicans would draft Otto Porter, or would they take a point guard and let him slip even farther in the draft?

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I believe Washington should

I believe Washington should take Bennett, but realgm reports they have decided on Porter.

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If Otto Porter gets to the

If Otto Porter gets to the Pelicans it will be Harrison Barnes 2.0 Porter could easily be the best player out of this draft and fits a need for New Orleans, this really shouldn't be a question for them IMO

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