International competitions: something must be done

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International competitions: something must be done

Looking at the rosters for the next FIBA World Championship, you clearly see one thing: a lot of players are just skipping the event:

Germany - No Nowitzki and (likely) Kaman
Spain - No Pau Gasol
Russia - No Kirilenko
USA - No Bryant, L. James, Wade, Anthony, Paul, D. Williams, Stoudamire, Duncan, Bosh, Boozer, Kidd, D. Howard, P. Pierce, Garnett, J. Johnson...and others.

Something has to be done about that, I guess. I understand why franchises are so upset about their players going to play for their nation. Major injuries can always happen. Playing in the summer means no rest.

But how can you call them a USA team without all their major talents? You got 1 09/10 All-First Team of 5 (Durant), no All-Second Team of 3 (Stoudamire had to pull out), no All-Third Team of 3. Overall, 1/15 (since the international All-NBA are not going too).

I don't know exactly what, but something has to be done, I guess...

Tobe Bryant
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Season Consideration

As I posted earlier about Kobe Bryant, some players need the time off to rest after almost a year stretch of basketball. Consider these people "human" as well who get sick, hurt, and have families.

They are probably only resting for these reasons and want to gear up for the regular season.

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Rivers is fearless and

Rivers is fearless and dangerous from the outside. I know he can be careless with the ball and he sometimes dribbles too much, but I think he will get even better with more experience. Curry and Dawkins are probable the two of the best shooters in college basketball this year.

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