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*Of the top 15 scorers in the NBA, 11 are guards or small forwards.

*Of those 11, 10 are basically shooting 45%FG or above, which most would consider highly efficient, especially for Guards and Wings.

I haven't looked it up, but It seems like there hasn't been that many high scoring G & F's shooting so well from the field since the golden era of the 90's.

Maybe its because two of the leagues leading scorers, LBJ & KD, both shoot over 50% and they are changing the way teams value efficient scorers. Kobe is even shooting a career high 47%. Gone are the days of volume shooters like Iverson and TMAC it seems.

Or is it because of the lack of quality NBA-caliber big men protecting the paint? Many of todays PF's & C's hang around the high post, are too soft, or are too small to challenge slashers driving to the cup. Skilled scorers like James Harden know that there are very few good shot blockers and make their living in the paint and at the FT line.


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