Interesting Article about 2014 draft

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Interesting Article about 2014 draft

Espn just released a blog by Jeff Goodman in regards to some of the NBA draft prospects.
It talked about the development of Marcus Smart and the struggles of Andrew Wiggins.
For insiders:

For everyone else:

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Lol, the hate on Andrew

Lol, the hate on Andrew Wiggins is real. He'll shut everyone up once the season starts.

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What hate? These guys are

What hate? These guys are just reporting what they and others are observing. If he's looking less than spectacular what are they supposed to do? Just lie and keep the hype machine going?

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There is a lot of Hype

There is a lot of Hype surrounding Andrew Wiggins, i just hope he lives up to it.

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The expectations placed on

The expectations placed on some of these guys is unfair. Kansas lost 79 percent of its scoring, 70 percent of its rebounding, 73 percent of its assists, and 75 percent of its minute load. In the first month and a half of the season, Kansas faces Duke, Wake, Nova/USC, Tennessee/UTEP/Xavier/Iowa, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Georgetown. It is a collection of young guys who haven't played together with a schedule that lacks purchased wins. It is very well possible that Kansas gets off to a rough start and Wiggins and the highly regarded freshmen and sophomores around him have a less than dominant start.

It is a much more difficult task for them than it will be for Jabari Parker playing with 8 returning players (6 of whom are 3rd year and up) and Rodney Hood practiced with the team last season. Marcus Smart only lost Philip Jurick and Kirby Gardner. He was great last year, and now he is familiar with everyone around him so OK State should get off to a roaring start of like 10-1 or something like that. Michigan lost Trey Burke and Hardaway, but they return the frontcourt, Stauskas, and Albrecht certainly had his moment. There is continuity with that team that will benefit them.

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He has the edge right now but

He has the edge right now but I don't think he is head and shoulders above the Randle, Smart, Exum and Parker. However, the top tier of the lottery is drafting based on how good can this player be at the end of his rookie contract - so 4 years. That's where I give a significant edge to Wiggins. It's not an exact science so only time will tell who will be right.

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