INSIDER PLEASE (Old Ledo Report)

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INSIDER PLEASE (Old Ledo Report)

A guy who can be a complete wildcard in this draft is Ledo if he came out...

Can anybody post the scouting report for him from back in April?

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Ledo is a pure scorer who is capable of getting buckets from any spots on the floor. He has great size for his position with a long build, explosive athleticism, and the full range of offensive skills. He is quick off the bounce with a tight handle and corresponding range to the arc off the rhythm dribble. He has great body control in the lane where he can finish either above his man or around multiple defenders he is very creative with his finishes. Watch him attack and beat the first defender then beat the help as his instincts to score are special.

Ledo's talent is virtually limitless and so he needs to become more consistent and efficient. He appears to pre-determine his moves at times and settles for shots with high degrees of difficulty when his versatile talents should make the game easy for him when reading the defense. He needs to show a more of a sense of urgency, especially defensively, where he tends to over-gamble.

Bottom Line:
Ledo is as talented of a shooting guard prospect as there is in the class of 2012. He is a scoring threat from anywhere on the floor and can put up huge numbers when he gets into a groove. As he learns to be more consistent and efficient, he will only continue to improve while being the guy who can take over a game.

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