Insider Help: Top Uncomitted Top 100 Senior Destination Predictions

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Insider Help: Top Uncomitted Top 100 Senior Destination Predictions

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With the early signing period over, only nine ESPN 100 prospects remain uncommitted. Our basketball recruiting experts offer their predictions on where those nine best available prospects will sign this spring.

Player Paul Biancardi Adam Finkelstein Joel Francisco Mike LaPlante Reggie Rankin John Stovall Dave Telep
Andrew Wiggins
No. 1 prospect

Jabari Parker
No. 2 prospect

Julius Randle
No. 4 prospect

Aaron Gordon
No. 7 prospect

Dakari Johnson
No. 12 prospect

Jermaine Lawrence
No. 19 prospect

Keith Frazier
No. 22 prospect

Stevie Clark
No. 62 prospect

Rysheed Jordan
No. 66 prospect

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Here is a quick run down

Andrew Wiggins: 4 Florida State, 3 Kentucky

Jabari Parker: 6 Duke, 1 Michigan State

Julius Randle: 3 Texas, 2 Florida, 1 Kentucky, 1 Kansas

Aaron Gordon: 4 Arizona, 2 Washington, 1 Kentucky

Dakari Johnson: 3 Kentucky, 2 Florida, 2 Georgetown

Jermaine Lawrence: 3 St. John's, 2 Syracuse, 2 Cincinatti

Keith Frazier: 5 Texas, 1 SMU, 1 LSU

Stevie Clark: 5 Oklahoma State, 2 Baylor (Committed to Oklahoma State)

Rysheed Jordan: 3 St. John's, 2 Temple, 1 Rutgers, 1 Syracuse

As far as the guy I tend to trust the most with these things, Dave Telep usually has a pretty good idea and here were his individual picks in order of the players listed: Florida State-Wiggins, Duke-Parker, Kansas-Randle, Washington-Gordon, Kentucky-Johnson, Cinci-Lawrence, Texas-Frazier, right about Clark and St. John's-Jordan. Everyone had Kentucky getting at least one more guy, except for Reggie Rankin having them getting both Wiggins and Gordon. If St. John's missed on both Lawrence and Jordan, would be surprised.

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