Indiana. Arizona, or St. Johns?

Those are 3 prestigious programs that have bottomed out in recent years. Of those three teams, which one do you think will be the next to make a final four?

Indiana has some guys with nice numbers, Maurice Creek and Verdell Jones. They've also had like 5 players for the past 2 years, and a really bad recruiting class IMO in 2010 considering how much help they need. I'm starting to wonder how patient they are going to be with Creen, especially considering that in a year or two it will be a much better job for top candidates than it was last time they tried to get a coach. I don't think it will be them.

St. Johns has a keeper in Dwayne Polee, who Is going to be a monster. He is a better athlete than basketball player, and might be one and done IMO if Lavin uses him properly. Not because he's that good, but he will look that good. Lavin is a good coach, he was an amazing hire for them IMO and he is going to start locking down NY. Bad news for UCONN fans, thats where half thier kids come from. Still, the Big East will be tough to climb and I don't see them taking elite kids from Syracuse, UCONN, Georgetown, or UNC when they go after NY kids.

Its probably Arizona. They will be able to recruit better once Sean Miller gets his system in place and the ball rolling a little bit. The pac-10 is managable in basketball, they have a solid NBA alumni base to use to thier advantage, and Miller knows basketball. I think it might take at least 5 years but they project to get it done the quickest IMO.

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