Iman Shumpert's knee problems..

So Iman Shumpert is getting his knee checked today but the Knicks orthopedic surgeon, it has been swelling a ton lately, and he has said continuously that it has been sore ever since he came back, he said he has been playing at 90%.
My thing is for one, I wish Iman Shumpert the best, he's a great young player, and he's one of my favorite young guys.
Secondly, Now this also gives a little insight into why Derrick Rose hasn't come back. Even if the doctors medically clear you, you still have to be 100% to yourself. Just because the doctors say you're 100%, it's still your body, and you know when something is starting to feel wrong. JUst as Shumpert has been having soreness since he came back, and now he has swelling .

If he suffers another setback he may never be the same, and Derrick Rose who is a franchise player can't out his team or himself in that positon.

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Where o where are the D-Rose critics in the media and online today? Crickets....

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Smh... Let's hope it's

Smh... Let's hope it's nothing major.

This is why I've said over and over again that every knee is different. You can't say, "Well, Adrian Peterson came back fast." He's the exception, not the rule. The earliest you can return to a sport is 9-12 months, however what a lot of people don't realize is that this is a two year injury.

I don't think people realize just how serious this injury and surgery is. It's not called reconstructive knee surgery for nothing. Being "cleared" just means that your new ACL graft has fused to the bone and your quad is strong enough for your knee joint. However, it by now way means that the inside of your knee is healed.

When Derrick Rose returns next season, he'll have been out for like 18 months or so. That'll be great for him. His knee should be near 100% healed and healthy on the inside.

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People let their emptions go

People let their emptions go with Rose. I for one totally agreed with rose sitting out the whole year, but this series when I saw his team battling the heat while rose sat there did start to annoy me. This really puts my perspective right back in place but at the same time Isee where those fans were coming ffrom, they wanted to see him play because he is unreal on the court. Best wishes to both of them.

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He's playing and "they" say

He's playing and "they" say he's okay..

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