im mad .

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im mad .

otis smith hasnt sign on one yet. all the top big man are gone except bass, lee, millsap and hes not trying to sign either one .they said bass wants to play for us. but were not trying to pursure him hard enough. i just hope otis knows what hes doing.

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Think trading for vinsanity was enough. They are wrong orlando will miss hedo passing and leadership skills.

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getting Pietrus in the starting lineup next to vince is a good thing because he is their best perimter defender. Also, Jameer was playing great before the injury and was'nt the same in the finals. His return will be huge. Carter is an upgrade over Hedo imo. And adding Ryan andersen will be big because he is exactly the type of pf who can play next to Dwight. Otis Smith has said he knows he still has to make a few moves to fill out the roster, but there should be plenty of solid free agents that come cheap.

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The Magic are still a top 3

The Magic are still a top 3 team in the East. You guys have a 7 mil trade exception, you will use that to add players mid season.

You guys just need a cheap wing ( Gerald Green, Von Wafer or Jerry Stackhouse) and a nice big man ( Joel Anthony, Brandon Bass, Glen Davis, Soloman Jones or Ryan Hollins)

I 100% expect the Griz to buy out Stockhouse.

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the magic blew the title

the magic blew the title this year they will go farther away from winning now like dallas shoulda kept rafer nelson came back and let fisher jack a 3 in his face nelson will regress vince for turkoglu is even vince can hit clutch shots and is a good passer

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