I'm done with....

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I'm done with....

James McAdoo. He played like dog crap today. 6 points on 3-12 shooting, oh and a whopping 3 rebounds. I feel like a dumbass for thinking this guy was worthy of being #1 in the fall. Maybe he will stay and get better, but right now he doesn't look like much.

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Crazy to think someone may

Crazy to think someone may have reached for him based off the sample size last year

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I'm still shocked he didn't

I'm still shocked he didn't pan out as of yet. Watching him at Norfolk Christian his senior year and seeing him get MVP in the two major all star games I expected way more from McAdoo. I thought he would easily be 20-10 this year and straight dominate the college game.

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Join the club, I gave up on this guy a while ago, he just doesnt have it

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Well, at this point he sticks

Well, at this point he sticks around for unc another year, maybe? Roy hasnt been getting much out of his stud recruits here recently. I suppose not having a top flight PG this year and next year will continue that.

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