If Duke win it all

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If Duke win it all

Do you think Jarbari parker will stay or will he leave

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Depends if he would want to

Depends if he would want to go for history or not. If Duke wins it all and he returns, Duke is going to be the consensus #1 team in the preseason polls. They would still most likely lose Rodney Hood to the draft but return everyone except Tyler Thornton and Josh Hairston. Not to mention, they would be adding Jahlil Okafor, Tyus Jones, Justice Winslow, and Grayson Allen. Could be an all-time great team based on all that.

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If there is a top 5 guy to

If there is a top 5 guy to return this year like last year (Smart) I hope it would be Jabari with this incoming Fr. class.

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Why risk it?

In terms of the state of the NBA Draft, Parker is incredibly ready for the league in comparison to his peers. If he wins a championship, why risk getting hurt to win another one. I am sure it would be fun to play with Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones, plus having a majority of your roster coming back. Just do not think he would be doing himself any favors if that was his motivation.

Am all for guys being as ready for the league as possible and I am sure a year of physical development would make Parker even more ready if he were to come out as a sophomore, not to mention would make him the definite favorite for the #1 pick if Embiid were to leave (Wiggins will, we know that). Just do not know what he would have to gain by staying and risking the possiblity of getting hurt. He is so strong and fundamentally sound, think he absolutely should leave whether they win it all or not.

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If Duke wins it all, that

If Duke wins it all, that will be 5 straight championships for Jabari. Won all four years in high school.

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The only way he stays is if

The only way he stays is if they don't win. That's not to say that he will, but there's at least a chance. He was talking about it in an interview recently that he hadn't decided yet but he sounded very genuine. The writer also cited his obsession with preparation as a reason he might come back.

It's similar to the Melo situation at Cuse. Jabari might be similar in that he wants to win a chip before he leaves college. Melo said that he planned on returning until he won the championship his freshman year. Also, Duke's incoming class would make them as good as any team we've seen in years.

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