Ian Miller

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Ian Miller

I noticed that he has essentially fallen off the face of the Earth according to draft sites because of his very slow start to the season. I just want to say that we have to be patient with this kid. He has been playing this season with a bone bruise in his foot and is now sitting out in order to get to full strength before ACC play. He has a lot of talent and if he plays up to his potential for the rest of the season, he can get back into 1st round discussion. Don't give up on Ian yet. I really don't think he's done yet. A strong end to the season can make this slow start a distant memory.

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My focus is on Snaer this

My focus is on Snaer this season from that FSU team

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This is the year that he was

This is the year that he was suppose to break out. The fact that he has been almost a non-factor, especially on offense, is a sign that his ceiling isn't as high as we all thought it was last season. Thereis no doubt that he has elite athleticism even on the NBA level, but he doesn't really have any go-to scoring move, and his ballhandling isn't as good as it should be.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if he goes ham later in this season, but that may be hard to do if his playing time gets cut.

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Snaer = DeMarcus Nelson with bigger size. Could be a poor man's Kawai Leonard in the league.

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