I wonder...

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I wonder...

The Sacramento Kings are a mess right now, they have almost nothing going for them as a team. The managment has worn out its welcome, the team continually manages to play terrible basketball, they have no free agent prospects, not much going well for them at all. This makes you think, why are the Kings worth more than the Warriors were just a short time ago? There is no need to account for inflation, they are in the same division, no huge difference in market size, and the Warriors certainly had more going right with their players than do the Kings. Why then are there talks of the Kings being sold for $500 million? Well, as the Maloofs have privatley refered to it as of late, the Kings are "mobile".

When you think about that term it makes sense. The Kings are struggling and have for a while now, they are playing in an old and out of style arena, and the city of Sacramento just had their hopes for a new arena crushed into small pieces. The Kings are certainly the most mobile a team has been in a long while. This is the reason why someone, like a city who rightfully wants a team back, would pay more money for the surity that they can indeed bring it in without too much of a struggle. Everything seems in order until you start to wonder how this happened, what caused the Kings to continue on in mediocrity where others have pulled themselves out of despair? Why did the hopes for an Arco Arena reborn fall to pieces? The answer to both of these questions is the same, the Maloofs. The same people about to make a $350 million profit from buying into the team 15 years ago. This situation presents a question far to appealing to leave alone, did the Maloofs purposfully devalue their teams talent and lead on the Nba and Sacramento to purposfully sabotage Sacramento chances at keeping the team, thereby increasing their profit margin by a significant amount?

When you think about what the Maloofs have let happen over the past year, it starts to make a little sense, the Maloofs have been trying to sell the team for a while now, but have stated that they would sell only to someone willing to move the Kings out of Sac. They let idiotic player moves slide right through to the bank, like backing out at the last minute with Dalembert to instead sign Hayes right after Dalembert plays well for you and states how much he would like to stay in sac, like trading a bad contract and a draft pick for a worse pick and worse contract. The Maloofs also made other strange moves, like promissing to spend legit money this off season, only to see the Kings sitting below cap again, like saying everything is fine with an arena deal at a press conference just before calling a public press conference to bash the city of Sacramento and pull out of an arena deal over small fees that the NBA had already stated they would loan them the money for. You can say the Maloofs did all of this because they are idiots, or because they are terrible owners who have no idea what they are doing, but I can tell you this, you do not end up raising the value of your product by at least $100 million within two years because of dumb luck.

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