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Is it me or does the media have a hand in who gets drafted? Players like Adam Morrison recieve a lot of media attention, get drafted, and sit on the bench for 48 minutes on 82 nights. Guys like Sephon Curry recieve media ateention on ESPN and thats when their stock rises. Would these guys see their stocks so high if they were not so hyped up by the media?

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Yes and NO. I mean ESPNU is

Yes and NO.

I mean ESPNU is a good channel when they cover HS and College guys. I've seen them rip Curry at times.

But overall, its the fans. We gotta chill with the hype these guys get. I mean Morrison was good in college. Curry was too.

If we as fans take it one step at a time, hype would be a non-factor.

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^^^ Agreed, Derozan, is

^^^ Agreed, Derozan, is point in case. The Media led us to believe this kid was a VC clone, and though he had an average season, people saw a kid who could jump and agreed. To break down Derozan's skill set by age is comparable most to Josh Howard,Travis Outlaw,Dorrell Wright, Gerald Green and maybe even Dahntay Jones. Dahntay even has a very similar build. Difference, is, Howard and Outlawe worked their tails off to get wherethey are today, while Dorrel showed some signs of life, injuries took part in his lack of development. GG just had too big an ego and too little skill set coming in. The T-Mac comparisons took him down, and Dahntay just never developed any kind of consistent apect of his game. Only now after several stints as a 20-25 minute starter on manypoorteams has he really found a niche' as a defender/open shot maker.

Point, without the hype would we be thinkinthe same of a guy like Derozan orwould we think of him as a midfirst , with raw talent but some potential.Also, the hype henders players development as either too much pressure is put on players i.e. kwame brown or players think they are better than they actually are i.e. Gerald Green.

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