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HS Basketballl

Watching the Spalding HoopHall Classic I just was gonna give 5 evaluations on the best players there

1. Andrew Wiggins- Kid is star plain and simple he has all the qualities in a superstar player wher ever he goes he will make a impact i hope he goes to Carolina so that we could see those battles with Jabari Parker who is going to Duke but i think its going to be Florida State. Any how Wiggins is a cant miss prospect the only thing that he needs his consistency in his jumper and he cant stand to get better defensively like most young players besides that skys the limit for him

2. Jabari Parker- I was very impressed with what Jabari did yesterday he was a monster all day yesterday and nobody could guard him he showed the many levels to his scoring game in that he wa driving making threes and making midrange jumpers. Jabari is better then Wiggins right now in my opinion but in the future Wiggins is gonna be a killer on the court. Coach K is gonna be a happy man next year

3. Aaron Gordon- He was a beast thats all that could be said about Aaron Gordon a bunch of alley-opps thrown attacking the rim with a vengence he was just all over the court. The game wasnt all power though he showed the ability to hit a couple midrange jumpers and get into the lane with some nice ballhanding moves and also guarded the other teams best player which was a point guard extremely athletic Aaron Gordon is.

4. Ishmail Wainright- Ish didnt have a spectacular game compared to the other 3 but he did have a nice game 14 points 10 rebounds but what i came away from the game with was his ability to defend already while most high school kids dont reallly defened Ish took it as his god giving right to defend he held Isiah Briscoe to just 8 Points on 2-12 Shooting. Offensively he did show nice form on his jumper and the ability to be a bull when taking it to the rack. Great pick up by Scott Drew and the Baylor Bears.

5. Devin Williams- Plays just like a Bob Huggins player he gonna be the the player to take West Virginia to the next level kid would succed at West Virginia right now had 16 Points and 15 Rebounds and was just dominating on the glass he and Dakari Johnson who also had 17 where playing a mans game on the glass. Devin Williams is just so overpowering at this level that he can get into the paint at will and nobody wants to get in his game he was just powering his way into the lane all day.


Noah Vonleh- I know he was in foul trouble the whole game but he one of the pplayers im most intrigued with and i wanted to see his game on full display but he went to the bench early and really didnt play alot he did hit a nice looking three ball but i hope to see more from the Indianna commit.

Troy Williams- Had 10 Points and 8 Rebounds on the day i was not impressed in his shot selection for the first half just jacking up 3s after he made one. In the second half he played a better game getting into the lane and hitting his freethrows. I was suprised he didnt want to stop Jabari from going off but he just let him scortch his team.

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