How long will June Jones coach SMU?

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How long will June Jones coach SMU?

How long will June Jones be at SMU? Normally, a coach that has produced the sort of results Jones has wouldn't be wondering about his future. But two things happened this off-season that could cast something of a shadow on Jones' outlook. First, his flirtation with Arizona State (that only ended because ASU boosters didn't like Jones) showed that Jones might have the itch to coach in major conference football for the first time and couldn't have endeared him to his bosses on the Hilltop. Then, Steve Orsini, the man who brought Jones to Dallas, was axed himself. Just how Jones will jibe with whoever the new AD is remains to be seen, but with three years left on his deal, he figures to get at least a year or two to prove his worth. It's just a question of whether Jones is the man who will lead the Ponies for the next 10 years, or if he's closer to being on his way out (either by his own choice or otherwise) than his way in.

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