How Jennings could fall

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How Jennings could fall

Griffin, Rubio, Evans, Harden, Thabeet, Curry, Hill and supposedly Johnson are all a lock for the top 10. T-Will is definitely gone by 12. #11 is between T-Will, Henderson and Hansbrough. Golden State has assured Ellis they wont take a point. That pretty much leaves only #8 Knicks, #10 Bucks, #13 Pacers, and #14 Suns as possible suitors for Jennings in the lottery.
Derozan, Flynn, Henderson, Clark, Holiday, Lawson, and Jennings in the mix for 4 spots.

1-7 Griffin, Rubio, Evans, Harden, Thabeet, Curry, Hill

8 The Knicks are hoping someone slips and have Jennings at #9 at the highest on their big board.

9 Johnson

10 Milwaukee is making trades to ensure they can re-sign Sessions.

11 T-Will, Henderson, or Hansbrough

12 T-Will or Henderson

13 The Pacers like to draft players that they think can contribute right away.

14 The Suns are Jennings best chance but they are said to be very interested in Clark.

15 Then comes Detroit who want Daye or Mullens.

16 Then Chicago who already has Rose and Hinrich.

17 Jennings resembles Louis for Philly and they see themselves as contenders so they want an instant contributor(Maynor).

18 Minnesota probably already got a point at 5 or 6. Interest in Daye or Mullens

19 Atlanta is a possibility but Teague and Lawson most likely still available

20 Not a Jazz kind of player

21 NO needs help on the wing

22 Rodriguez, Blake, Bayless on roster. Possibility.

And thats how Brandon Jennings could fall. One of the questionable teams could take him as BPA 8, 10, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 22

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