How good will Alex Len be?

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How good will Alex Len be?

Who'd you compare him to?

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Less athletic Meyers Leonard

Less athletic Meyers Leonard with a worst frame.
... How good will he be? I have problem projecting him in the lottery, and it's a mock, where I project based on who I feel teams want!
I just don't see the skill, athleticism, or hustle people rave about him.... He's mobile and has a decent touch... and like I have said before I doubt his reported weight and allegedly good frame.

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It's tough to compare him to

It's tough to compare him to anyone. His face-up game could illicit comparisons to Illgauskas or Yao.... but he's doesn't play like either of them. So I'll pass on the OP's question.

What I will say about Len is that he has a chance to be a great player. I just hope he falls into a good situation. If he's goes to a team with a bad coach who has no interest in his development- he could squander. It's also critical that Len goes to a team where they already have an established big. Len needs to be weened into this league and that means playing 20 mins or less in his rookie season.

I'm not saying that Len is fragile, but he is a big man who is not quite there yet from a development stand point. It would ideal if he fell to Minnesota where he would have Adelman as a coach and could play behind Pekovic. Washington would be another good fit.

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As a twolves fan I'm hoping

As a twolves fan I'm hoping we dont continue bad draft decisions and get him. He hasn't played enough elite big guys for me to buy into him and his numbers don't wow me. Granted his team wasn't that great if he's that good he should pop out more or carry them more than he did.

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I think Len has the potential

I think Len has the potential to be a more athletic, not as strong version of Roy Hibbert in the best case scenario. Worst case, he doesn't develop his post game and he turns into Jason Smith.

Len has the most tools on offense of any center in this draft. No other center in the draft has his upside. He already has nice footwork and has post moves that translate to the NBA. He has a very nice shooting stroke. His problem is that the results just weren't there in college. He looks like he should have been extremely productive in college, but he was only mediocre.

Len is a little bit of an enigma, as most college centers with his tools are very productive. Perhaps the cultural barrier combined with a poor situation resulted in his lack of production. Anyways, Len will need to continue to get stronger to reach his potential, as he is clearly a post-up oriented big. I compare him to Hibbert because he wants the ball in the same places Hibbert does and tends to use the pick and roll to establish position down low, rather than to cut hard to the rim. But if he wants to develop into a nearly as effective NBA player as Hibbert, he needs to get even stronger to consistently establish post position.

If Len lands on a team willing to develop him, he could be a 18-8 guy in his prime, although I doubt he does much for the first 2-3 years of his career. It is probably more likely that he ends up in a less fortunate situation, however, so I see Len as a guy with a lot of bust potential unless he ends up in the right situation. His lack of defensive awareness and toughness with the ball in his hands will prevent him from having a smooth transition to the NBA, and he doesn't have the skill set to just fit on any team.

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He is what Kosta Koufos could

He is what Kosta Koufos could have been if he hadn't turned into a banger, only more athletic.

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Len is a good athlete but not

Len is a good athlete but not as explosive as Myers Leonard. I would compare him to Andrew Bogut in length and style of play as he can pass and face up towards the basket.

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