How good players go unnoticed and................

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How good players go unnoticed and................

How do good players go unnoticed in high school yet become stars in college? now i kno i am not the only person who has wondered this but it doesnt make sense to me. The curry brothers are the first people who come to mind for me. How is it that steph curry goes unnoticed yet his 1st year in college he becomes a monster and from then on has been a sensation. Which brings me 2 my next question...after seing big brother steph's success how does seth go unnoticed by schools and end up at liberty? Seth is putting up better number than his phenom brother did early in his career. Playing at a small school gave these 2 brothers free reign to do wattever they wanted but now seth is deciding to transfer and now is at duke(thank god!!). The problem with going 2 a big school is that there is talent everywhere so do u think these players will shine like they did at the small schools? i think their oppurtunities will be limited because of talent on the bench. Wat do yall think? and are there any other past players you can think of that should have gone unnoticed by big schools?

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Late bloomers

I think a lot of high school players are still developing and not done growing, their bodies are still changing,and some are still working on working their games to a point where there are not even on the radar screen. You have to remember MJ didn't even make his Varsity squad his sophomore year in High school and I believe that he grew about 4 inches his senior year.

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i agree with hoopz freak

The kids are so far from where they will peak, that there are definately alot of kids who slip through the cracks. Also, some kids work harder than others. That is probably the biggest variation between the best and the rest.

Another thing to remember is how many high school players there are. Theres thousands of scholarship quality kids out there, and alot of the ones that don't have marketing teams and Adidas riding thier bandwagon, or from powerful programs, or have alot of money. Some of these kids are just as good, but my feel from the whole AAU circuit that there is a clique within that, and thats where the elite programs pick thier kids from. The schools outside of that have to actually do the work to look for kids.

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notable players who flew under the radar

First of Steve Nash only had one D-1 offer from santa clara.. now hes a two time MVP and will probably be talked about as one of the better pg's to play the game..

Russell Westbrook recieved barely recieved any scholarship offers before he was discovered by UCLA and is in talks for ROY maybe even the front runner

Joe Alexander had ZERO scholarship offers and was not even getting looks from any d2 schools.. which just blows my mind. he then took the backseat for 2 yeras behind sam young at the hargrave military academy playing sparingly.. he was then discovered at a recruiting showcase and after just 3 years at wvu he winds up being the 8th pick in the 2008 draft.

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Think about Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen was the best defender of his era, but went to Central Arkansas...when he was recruited he was 6-1...then he grew to 6-8. Sometimes growth spurts happen late, or fundamentals click late.

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How bout "The admiral" David Robinson

He didn't play bball till his senoir year in high school. He grew to 7'1 at Navy and was the #1 overall pick and is likely to be inducted in the Baskertball hall of fame this year.

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thats life

Hindsight is 20-20. That's the reason we are here is to speculate on players potentials. Some fall through the cracks on College recruitment just like they fall through the cracks at the draft ....... why Seth Curry didn't get more interest after his brothers success I don't understand . Serious oversight on college recruiters to discount that both kids have been playing ball with NBA players their whole lives growing up also.

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Seth Curry

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Seth Curry injured for part of his senior year in high school so coaches and recruiters never really saw him at 100% and thus backed away from the recruiting process.

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