How Good Can UCLA's Jordan Adams Become?

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How Good Can UCLA's Jordan Adams Become?

I've been impressed with the scoring and shooting ability of UCLA freshman Jordan Adams...Last night against UC Irvine he took over the final 8 minutes, scoring 10 points and made all 8 of his free throws...Adams was the least talked about of the Bruins highly touted freshmen,but so far he's been the team's best player.....

In 2 games he's averaging 23 pts/4 rbs coming off the bench......1 of my friends compared him to Nick Anderson,another buddy said he plays like a smaller version of Jamaal Mashburn,and he'll be a lottery pick next summer...While i have been impressed with his game,i have to see him play more,before making a judgement on his nba chances......

But despite the fact he's playing well and have been the Bruins best player,early in the season,coach Howland said he's going to continue to come off the bench....

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He's got a good build but

He's got a good build but isn't all that athletic. I think the reason why he wasn't touted as highly is because he used to be a rather pudgy wing. He's tightened up a little bit, but he's still a below average athete for a wing by NBA standards. I'd describe his game as an aggressive, old man's game. He's gotta improve his handle and continue to get in better shape, otherwise I'm not ready to pencil him in as future 1st rounder, let alone in the lotto.

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jordan adams

I love the new "dynamic duo" of UCLA's. Jordan Adams and Shabazz. Just saying, "Jordan Adams" should be in the nba draft if Shabazz is going to be in it.. Both are very high scorers. "Adams" shooting is more accurate than Shabazz, and Shabazz may be a little more atheletic. "Adams" has already made history at UCLA since "Reggie MIller". Last week "Adams" was awarded with UCLA STUDENT ATHLETE " They said he earned it because he's simply very versatile, he scores well, but plus has great numbers in assist, steals, rebounds, and hustle. It's been written that the 2 (dynamic duo) have been playing with eachother for a long time in their high school AAU days. I hope they keep the chemistry, friendship, and let no one break their bond.. People already knew Shabazz because he's from the west coast, but I have to congratulate his teammate 'J Adams"for coming out here to the wild, wild west and delivering from east coast "Atlanta"

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