how far could Jennings fall

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how far could Jennings fall

Could he fall to the 16th pick to the wolves?
He supposidly had a bad combine
if they got derozen then jennings the could have one of the most athletic backcourts in the league

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i think top 10 for sure

i think top 10 for sure

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no..i thought of a

no..i thought of a Idea..

Minnesota take Derozan 6th

Trade 18th and 28th pick to NYK for 8th overall and take Jennings

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Did Jennings even go to the combine?

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Jenning is a question mark

Jenning is a question mark right now
i am sure he will work out for teams and move up a higher than where he is now
but I feel good to know that I was right about Curry when others doubted.

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Sheltwon i will give you props on the Curry call. Jennings is good but was overrated and will be picked where I think he belongs in the 11 - 19 range.

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Brandon Jennings is the most underrated player in this Draft he is fast as hell a pure scorer and next rubio the best passer in this draft think Tony Parker

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14th to the suns, read my mock.

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Haha. Jennings didnt even

Haha. Jennings didnt even go to the combine. His team was still playing while the combine was goin on.

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It can turn ugly real fast

With the litany of great point guard prospects in this draft, Jennings could fall way past where many people have pegged him at 7 to GS. Let's just recap the Prospects:

Flynn is wowing scouts and head office people with his combo of leadership, court vision, and great strength. He's moving up many people's charts. I see him being approximately equal to Jennings in scouts' minds.

According to ESPN, sorry, can't find link again, but trust me on this. Stephan Curry is being considered by many decision makers as the second best PG prospect in this draft. That being said, I really see him going before Jennings as Curry's more ready to contribute right away, and has decent potential to boot.

Sacramento seems like a great situation for Rubio as Beno Udrih is not a legit option at starting PG. With the possible 2 years of waiting before Rubio actually reports to OKC or Memphis, I really see those teams passing on Rubio, leaving him to the Kings, who'll snap him up in a heart beat.

Eric Maynor has also been going up on many draft boards due to his great court sense and passing ability. I'm sure that some teams 8-14 would want Maynor more than Jennings because he's more of a traditional point guard who won't jack up shots because he can.

Jrue Holiday has also been shooting up many boards due to his great size and well rounded game. This guy was rumoured to be able to go as high as 4 to Sacramento. He's definitely close or ahead of Jennings on many teams' draft boards.

recap ...
there are 5 Point Guards in the mix with Jeff Teague coming up on draft boards also.

Here's how things should go down...
Sacramento takes a point guard for sure
GS very likely to take a PG (enamored with Flynn right now)
Knicks take a PG, if curry's still there
Milwaukee very likely to take a PG
no team very likely to take a PG until Phoenix, but Jennings wants PT, Nash will still play nearly 30 minutes a game, Jennings might not be happy.
Next team likely to take a PG is Philly at 17; Andre Miller is past his prime, need a replacement. Also, Jennings could try to fill Louis William's spot, as he'll likely bolt.

all in all...
Just based on team needs, and so many players in the same vicinity as Jennings, he could probably slip to 17. This is not too likely as some teams listed above might have him ranked higher than the other aforementioned PG prospects. playing on a contender in Rome certainly didn't help Jennings as he wasn't given free reign to strut his stuff at all.

If some teams in the Mid Lottery are drafting based on Best Player Available, Jennings still won't be that impressive as Derozan is approximately more ready than Jennings to contribute and has similar potential. Also, he isn't a PG, and there are many of those in this draft and many teams will be looking to acquire a pick in the 20s to pick up a prospect that isn't far from some of the potential lottery PG prospects. Other non-PG names that are in the same field as Jennings in the BPA category include Clark, Henderson, Johnson and Evans.

the oddity in this draft is that....
with the exception of Phoenix at 14, picks 8 through 17 all belong to Eastern Conference teams. We all know that in this economy, everyone's gonna try to make a few extra bucks. All these teams, I'm sure are at least saying they want to make the playoffs next year . Jennings will take longer to develop into a rounded player than many of the other PG prospects in his range. They're likely going to draft someone who's ready to contribute and make their team a playoff teams this year instead of taking someone who'll take longer to develop.

feel free to comment

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here is the problem with ur

here is the problem with ur statement first of all he went 10th i think he should of went 6th personally and play him next to rubio since they are pretty good friends and let brandon who is a score first guard play with rubio who is a pass first guard but Brandon Jennings has the hugest upside in this draft anytime a player is correctly compared to Kenny Smith and Tony Parker both are just winners Kenny has 2 rings Tony has 3 it just makes since he is now gonna be playin next to Redd who is a great scorer and with Jennings playin in italy yea he fell down the boards but he learned to pass he wasnt the top scorer on his team he learned to play next to stars he learned to be a roleplayer he is gonna have a solid NBA career for about his first 4-5 years then he is gonna explode alot like tony if u remember tony parker didnt reach his full potential until about 06 so jennings will be a good player

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Jennings won't fall past...

...Milwaukee. The truth is, he is still in that "what do we KNOW about him" range, which is always great for any prospect, because GMs like to imagine the "what if" in a positive light. I say Golden State still grabs him, but he won't fall past the Bucks.

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man u hav some real extensive comments. i hope that no team tries to pick him up in the top 10 because i dont think he'll contribute right away like some other PG's (flynn, maynor, curry, even lawson). Jennings hasnt shown much leaving scouts really guessing and on draft night, i hope that my SUNS dont guess wrong and go with TELFAIR jr.

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MY prayer

I hope he falls FAAAARRRR! Like 76ers or Hawks far down the draft board (ie. Marcus Williams, Jameer Nelson). I guarantee you all the contenders are smiling at the thought of the most talented player in this draft sliding.

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I'm sorry but i just don't

I'm sorry but i just don't see Jennings falling past the Knicks at 8. I have him going 6 to Minnesota myself. He's arguably the best point guard in this draft. I think Minnesota will choose between him and Flynn, but will ultimately go with Jennings.

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Rubio, Curry, Flynn, Evans

Rubio, Curry, Flynn, Evans and Holiday are all expected to go top 10. He looks like he could slip like Gerald Green did despite great athleticism.

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