How did you react right after LeBron made his decision?

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How did you react right after LeBron made his decision?

I know that this is a pretty late thread, but whatever. My reaction was a textbook facepalm.

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I just stared at my ceiling

I just stared at my ceiling in disbelief. For a good 5 minutes.

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Mcdunkin's gif says it all...

I think the entire world except for those a holes in Miami Shook their heads in disgust for 20 to 30 minutes...Not only did he kill Cleveland's basketball team...But he broke the league too...The new CBA will be the end of the NBA ...they will break up the Super Union...

Tyreke Johnson
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I was total shock and

I was total shock and disbelief I never thought he would actually leave Cleveland like I could not imagine him playing anywhere else and in any other uniform.

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i did my

i did my world famous WTF dance

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i was chatting about it on

i was chatting about it on here. Didnt really think too much of it until later that night when i realized how pissed the cleavland fans were and how the media was turning on lebron. I'll say this though, all through out the process for the last year, miami was one team i had counted out for the lebron sweepstakes becasue i never really thought for one second that lebron and wade would want to play together. They are both alphmales and guys who are leaders.

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I just started laughing once I saw the reaction of all those Cleavland fans. Priceless.

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i was not surprise but was

i was not surprise but was kinda feeling sad for my homie that wanted Lebron to go to the Knicks and was real confident they would take him and I did kind of giggle at Cleveland and Miami fans and how they acted and what not.

I was disgusted though with the burning of Jerseys. I know if I was from Cleveland I would have known he was leaving.

They should not have been surprised but Chicago and New York should have been surprised because both locations offered something good.

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I didn't Talk

I didn't talk or do anything for bout 10 minutes. I feel bad for my boy LeBron because now if he wins a ring everyone will say he sold out on the cavs.

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Can we please stop with the

Can we please stop with the lebron its been over a week now since he signed, Im tired of talking about him, can we atleast go a week without talking about lebron.

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Pure Disappointment, nothing

Pure Disappointment, nothing more to it..

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Called and left 23 messages

Called and left 23 messages on my buddy from Cleveland's phone.

... "that"
... "Sux"
... "for"
... "you"
... "hope"
... "you"
... "enjoy"
... "watching"
... "Mo"
... "Williams"
... "Jacking"
... "up"
... "thirty"
... "five"
... "shots"
... "a"
... "game"

You get the picture.

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i wanna say i was upset at the fact at the time, it seem to be a &$#%#[email protected]! move, and i just kept sayin...jordan and kobe would never do that

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LOL..I thought he'll go to

LOL..I thought he'll go to New York before Miami..But the monday before he made his decision..Bosh posted on his Twitter page a picture of himself & Wade having dinner together .And he Tweeted ''someone is missing''...Then on tuesday Lebron said he's making his announcement on thursday..Wednesday Wade & Bosh say their signing with Miami...I had a feeling something was up...Right then i know he was going to join them in Miami..I told my friends that live in Dayton that i didnt think Lebron was going back to Cleveland...

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I thought he would stay with


I thought he would stay with the Cavs but honestly ESPN and the 1,000 daily threads about where he was going made me give up on caring weeks before the "decision"

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I was pissed not because he

I was pissed not because he didnt stay in Cleveland, it was because he chose a videogame team that made the league pretty unbalanced. Plus it solidified my status on not playing online anymore on NBA 2K.

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I got really upset.... Then I

I got really upset.... Then I stopped and realised I take sports way too seriously. So I went to bed.

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the only thing i did th erest of the nite. my friends were either pissed or hated lebron

the lake show
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i was looking at my boys and

i was looking at my boys and told them "i told ya'll they had a good chance of getting him"...said the same thing on here when i said they were second int he running behind cleveland. actually still thought they were second behind cleveland all the way to the end. overall i didnt care too much because it was just another challenge that the lakers would overcome

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I knew he was goin to the

I knew he was goin to the heat when wade and bosh had that interview and they said someone's missing i knew it was lebron. C'mon son Lebron to chi-town Hell no u know why cause he would be stuck in Jordan's shadow jus ask Pippen and LBJ doesnt want dat. Clippers? dat is all. Maybe Cleveland because i think if they could of got West off then he would of stayed but they couldnt.

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