In Houston

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In Houston

The Fans are great, but they always jump on and off the bandwagon for one player and that's McGrady...Last year they hated him, before that they loved him, then he was a failure before that.
Does any other City have a player that gets as much love and hate as McGrady? I'm talking about only that city, not like how alot of people hate Kobe outside of L.A but love him in L.A.
Point is I get annoyed on how quickly people are ready to give up on a 30 yr old. Seriously, I love 'Mac...if we could do the trade again I'd make it in a Heartbeat, but most of my Family hates him...and my friends. I know this topic is lame and completely random, but I was just thinking it and felt like discussing it.

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every franchise

in the city always has at least one player. I live in Utah right now and the talk is very bad about carlos loozer. I mean carlos boozer.

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Ben Gordon in Chicago before

Ben Gordon in Chicago before he signed with the Pistons

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I live in NJ and when Allen

I live in NJ and when Allen Iverson was with the sixers it was the same yoyo effect.... one minute he was the greatest thing since sliced bread... and the next minute he was a selfish ball hog who couldn't co-exist with another superstar....therefore Philly would never win a championship with him

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